Demons Roots – Complete Chapter 2 Guide

Chapter 2 Walkthrough

All credit goes to Hentaika!

Chapter 2 Start

Chapter 2 starts at farm – feel free to reharvest vegetables if you want to.

Go out of the farm and into the marketplace.

Marketplace has a few interesting things:

  1. Top NPC sells outdated rare drop equipment from monsters and 2 ocarinas you can use from item menu infinitely. One ocarina is for teleporting back home and another one is for summoning a random encounter.
  2. Doll is used to get weakening scrolls for “special enemies”(similar to doremi purchases) and hints for “password” chests based on your “bad end mode” progression. This means you can weaken those twice to make things super trivial. As usual – you can ignore this since I will give you passwords and I assume you won”t weaken the enemy.
  3. You can buy “high books” once on the southern table.

Go to estate now for a fight against Claura which boosts your stats a bit. It can’t be lost I think.

Now go inside the mansion. From now on – you have some freedom to do extra content.

  • But we will mostly skip side stuff for now.
  • The only thing I recommend to do is to get Anji kidnapping H scene.
  • For that visit Shingana – don”t bother to talking with Remnant, It’s “EX content” we will tackle later.
  • Instead simply visit Forest 1 location. An event will auto start if Anji was still virgin.
  • If you beat such events – you get a small reward of spirit stones. Don”t bother. Just wait 3 minutes for a unique H scene to happen instead.
  • You can STILL experience the virgin scene in doremi after that, don”t worry.
  • Basically kidnapping > doremi order is the only way to get all scenes in one playthrough.

With scene in hand – feel free to go for new Gacha in doremi or move onto main story.

The gacha always remains in same place for the characters, It’s just 3 new scenes getting added to the pool of possible ones.

Merchant Kindom Plana is our destination.

There are only 2 important things to do here:

  1. Go west and up the stairs in the starting area for a chest with a stat boost.
  2. Talk with 5 “dialogue bubble” NPC for an ACHIEVEMENT, they are all in the starting area.

The weapon/accessory merchants sell some quite expensive equipment you likely can’t afford until much later.

Fun fact: even if you have 1 million – the guy in the luxury hotel will still tell recommend a hovel instead. Guess simply having money does not make you elite enough.

Your goal is east side of the town. Enter the “backstage” dungeon to progress.

On the first fork go north for a chest.

Now click the crest below it, this is part of the treasure hunting clue. You should hear a sound which means it worked.

There is nothing interesting in this area so continue all the way to “interior” area.

Inside “interior” area take the first path to the north now which is dead end with flame bow.

Now go to second north path which is also dead end.

You should end up in room with a lot of “crests”.

You need to touch in following order:

  • Easternmost crest > NW crest (the very first one near the chest) > southernmost one.
  • You get a secret weapon for Kalinka – the gladiator ally you will eventually get.

Now follow the only remaining path into next area.

Next area has quite a few random treasure chests but only one has something – the one to the NW from “crystal ball” giving you 1 stat boost item.

Once you see the healing sphere – you are near the boss. It’s super easy, do basic attack with Mebius and water slash with Anji.

Progress the story until you get Kalinka and are free to move.

Kalinka starts lvl 1 so a bit books are a good idea. You can grab some books in the inn too.

There ain”t much to do except heading into Colosseum to the north now.

In hunting grounds area you need 100 Poison Fangs but It’s easy to get them by grabbing chests/talking to people in this area.

What you want to get aside of that is:

  1. “Black chest” above gatekeeper to next area has gladiator armor.
  2. To the east from gatekeeper in SE corner is a hidden path to 50 poison fang which also gives ACHIEVEMENT.

Next area is desert area – It’s somewhat big but nothing special.

The only noteworthy treasure is in NE corner which is a stat boost item.

Next area is jungle – you will need to defeat a total of 4 groups with the last being boss fight.

You can ambush or get ambushed in first 3 fights but it hardly matters.

Macho boss can pack a punch if RNG gives him a triple attack twice but other than that nothing too hard. Kalinka does big damage to humans with her “gladius” skill.

After the fight talk with Macho for a Spirit Soul Stone.

Next up is yet another boss fight.

It’s a 2 stage fight – during first stage you are not supposed to win. Simply skip turns until you get to the 2nd stage.

Once the real battle happens – wind on Ange and Gladius on Kalinka against small fry while healing with Polca to eventually win.

After a lot of cutscenes once you can move go up the stairs to grab chests with equip.

Then move forward with the story by heading to Rooklook – we are still a party of 2 for now.

There is an OPTIONAL treasure hunting item you can get here:

  1. Go NW to find first “cat statue” and stand below it.
  • Now do those steps: Right > Down > Left > Left > Up
  • If you did it correctly you will get a “sound effect”
  • You need 2 more such “cat” places.
  1. Go to NW corner there is a cat on the trees – start below it and:
  • Left x2 > Down > Right > Down x3 > Right > Up x3 > Right x2 > Up > Left
  • You should end up 1 tile away from the cat and get sound effect if it worked.
  1. From place above keep heading east until NE corner and then go south – you will see a cat on top of the trees again.
  • Stand directly below it and:
  • Down > Left x2 > Down x3 > Left > Up x8 > Right > Down
  • Final sound effect happens and you can go to the middle of flower field to get secret chest with a Staff for future ally.

Nothing else that is interesting here. Save the game before heading north just in case.

After scenes you will get trapped in the cave with very strong monsters.

Those shouldn”t be a problem however if you do the following:

  1. Polica – keeps casting ancient mist and “demons roots” when available.
  2. Ange – keeps her tanking up, stacking as much evasion as she can via equip and using HP regen hat.
  3. Mebius basic attack hits weakness.

The “stone” on the right is Lapis Lazuli, a great accessory for Ange which gives great defensive stats and halves the chance of getting ailments.

Highly recommended. The other stones are simple spirit stones, feel free to ignore.

Get out of the area now. Your next goal is Tolkia kingdom.

  • Head East first to trigger the second stone tablet event.
  • Dragons are not something you can handle yet so follow the advice and go through western path.
  • There is actually a trick to get treasure behind the dragon boss without alerting him by running very fast by him while holding east wall initially… but treasure isn”t even worth the trouble, so not recommended.
  • Keep going through middle layer until you are in dragon cave again.
  • To the south are 2 chests you can grab by walking on “stones” on the water.
  • The chest below NPC has a pretty decent shield.
  • It’s pretty linear path with a scene in between, you might need to block dragon with a boulder. Eventually you reach upper dragon falls.
  • Make sure you smack the barrel to the east for a Rusted Ring.
  • Nothing else to do but to continue on now until boss.
  • At first you can’t do much, but enemy isn”t too strong either – just skip turns until Kalinka joins you.
  • Kalinka Gladius move is your biggest damage against it. Make sure to boost her with her magic skill to speed it up.
  • Polca with her secret sword can actually deal full damage too.. Ange does a bit damage too if she doesn”t need to defend.

Kalinka finally joins us for good. And she is the only one who appreciates Ange for the absolute monster that she is.

Ironically she is also the absolute beast herself, being potentially strongest physical atk”er.

  • Rescuing the queen is pretty straightforward – grab chests while you are there.
  • Now start running away.
  • Baby dragons in those areas can drop a “Dirty Ring”, I recommend getting one for later, It’s a rare drop. Best to farm it via first waterfall area/cave entrance exits and hitting from behind the enemy in the waterfall area.

Inside the cave – going south down the ladder is dead end with minor loot.

You need to start going east instead. After the very first enemy start hugging the north wall and touching them – you eventually will reveal secret entrance instead of one of walls, yielding you knight helmet.

  • Keep going until you reach next cave which has another door nearby.
  • The door nearby is minor loot dead end.
  • Going west is dead end with flame knuckles.
  • Going south is the way to proceed.

The door down there is way to proceed but BEFORE that go south into seemingly dead end…

You will see a suspicious “rocky wall” to the south. From the tile with it go left 2 times and click south wall for a rope to appear and spawn the SECRET treasure.

There is nothing important left to get so you only need to move forward until health restoration sphere.

The chest south from it has spirit soul stone.

  • And a boss fight is about to happen now.
  • While it seems like you are supposed to lose this one – you actually will win this one.
  • This is thanks to Ange getting her main tanking ultimate and what makes her crazy.
  • Complete invulnerability for a turn while absorbing enemy attacks.
  • Focus dragons first and It’s easy from there. Don”t forget to selfboost Kalinka.
  • After the boss fight you will be back to your Estate.
  • Feel free to talk to everyone.
  • Feel free to teleport to castle and talk with Remnants there.. Mebius will give you spirit soul stone.
  • Now since we have Kalinka I highly recommend getting her H scene just like we did with Ange.
  • Teleport to Plana city. The red sign tells about EX dungeon as usual.
  • Talk with the old man a bit norther while you are here and buy a dragon penis(!!!) – you will need 7 of those eventually!
  • Now go north into Colosseum and then west to jungle area where she gets kindapped.
  • Wait 3 minutes for a scene again.
  • From where you appear after H scene I recommend going NE to desert.
  • If you go to where desert entrance was – there will be the flying demon who will set up a teleport there for a shortcut into this area for the future.

Feel free to go to Doremi now that you have Kalinka for her gacha scenes.

A few new items are there including better whip.

I would say now is a good time to go do some extra content.

Revisiting old areas/EX dungeons

All old area revisits are fully optional but they net achievements and some equip/stat boosts/levels, I assume you will do them BUT if you only want to push main quest – there shouldn”t be much problem to skip those revisits. Main quest is never too hard, especially with secret weapons we get along the way.

Let us start with Tortas City

  • Go into armor shop – there is an NPC who will transform “weird” rings into better ones.
  • So far we should have dirty > fortune(if you farmed baby dragon) and rusty > forerunner

Go to Palace now

  • Inside the palace the only interesting thing is the boss we skipped.
  • If you start heading north – you will notice how path to the east where slaves were blocking you is free now, this is a shortcut to said boss.
  • The boss still packs a punch but he should be doable now without powering him down via bad end/fckingdom.
  • He is pure mage so upkeep mag def with Polca and try to maximize dodging on Ange. Heal her when needed.
  • He is strong but doesn”t have much HP.
  • Talk with NPC after defeating it. Also go to area he was blocking and smash pots there for stat boost items.
  • Next up go out of palace and inside the well which leads you close to where you started in prison.
  • Go to SW corner which was Polca”s cell and smash the pots for items including stat boost.
  • The cell next to her is the EX dungeon.
  • The dungeon itself is only main quest difficulty tier by now at worst.
  • Items in the dungeon are nothing noteworthy so just explore/gain a bit levels as you get to boss.
  • The boss is 6 slimes. Shouldn”t be a problem but if Ange gets unlucky and gets confused she will stop blocking for you. Overall they only have ~3k HP and once a few dies you have no chance to lose anymore.
  • Inside the chest is double attack weapon with water element.. kinda okay for Polca basic attacking but she rarely does that, so I prefer secret sword for TP regen.

Next up is Kingdom of Shingana

Talk with Scathach (if you didn”t already) to get key.

There is nothing else interesting in old areas so just go north twice, talk with flying demon on the way to castle to open up a teleportation point.

Inside the castle you will be shown where to go with the key(east from entrance)

Before you go there – head further from locked door and speak with female NPC who will give you Dragon Penis(!!!), should be your 2nd.

Beyond locked door is a “password chest” – 4276 with another ultimate scroll.

Now It’s linear path to EX dungeon. This dungeon has slaves who still surrender to Ange.

  • In this EX dungeon there are 2 stat boost items in golden pots in the initial 3 paths. One is in eastern and another in western, middle has nothing.
  • Nothing else is noteworthy until boss.
  • Boss is easy and can even be blinded, just get rid of slaves and he poses no danger.
  • Use ocarina or return scroll to get out of dungeon.

Next up is Kingdom of Plana

  • If you already have Desert teleport unlocked then use it.
  • From teleporter go a bit west and then north to reach oasis with a huge hole in it.
  • This is the EX dungeon.
  • This one is a bit challenging already but nothing too serious.
  • Water/fire are weaknesses here. You need Kalinka to reach 24 ideally for her fire move.
  • Start by heading west for stat boost in gold pot. Grab gem nearby for “Topaz” accessory.
  • There is one more gold pot stat boost to the very east of this dungeon in the middle approx.
  • Bosses here are 2 big birds who are mostly magic enemies. Upkeep magic def with Polca and damage mostly with buffed up Kalinka via fire element skill.
  • If Ange has free turn – her water does good damage as well.
  • “Demons Roots” on Polca also hits weakness.
  • It’s technically pretty tough but having so many weak spots makes the damage values pretty crazy.
  • Return to Bohelos Estate now and build Hot Springs for 100k if you want to.
  • It gives you a 5% TP regen buff for some time after visiting it.
  • This lasts for quite a long while(seems like random number of actions, but likely ~5-10 battles), so a good idea to use before some dungeon.

That”s it for side content for now. We will return to Tolkia later when we can handle the dragon boss there. It IS technically doable if you weaken it.. but I will assume you do it later.

Chapter 2 Continued

Heading onto Rooklook to continue the story

There is nothing new in old areas so just go into city.

Enter the “Magic Gymnasium” dungeon

  • Area might seem complex but It’s actually super linear with very short dead ends. The most noteworthy is a decent armor piece on stand to the SW.
  • Big enemy is pretty sturdy but weak to water.

Inside garden there is 1 chest with equip.

  • Next area is classroom 263 where you can grab staff + armor on stand and some books.
  • Also a decent 5% evasion shield outside of classroom.
  • Moving onward a forced H scene will happen.
  • Afterwards a fight happens – It’s pretty easy as enemies pose no danger and have almost no HP but a 3000 HP barrier protecting them .
  • There is nothing noteworthy so return back to courtyard for another scene.
  • After scene go south to grab 3 chests with thunder weapons guarded by 2 big enemies.
  • Going west is shortcut to start of area, nothing to do there.
  • Up top are 2 small doors: punishment room and staff room.
  • Staff room has a “special boss” – this one is actually doable right now. He is somewhat opposite of previous one – only about as strong and rarely attacks but has a big amount of HP.
  • He is weak to fire and poison(will lose 5k HP per turn).
  • It will mostly try to do conditions but if you have lapis lazuli from monster room then Ange will ignore them with super high chance.
  • Stat boost behind this boss.

Punishment room is closed. So only the big door NE remains leading into research lab.

  • Somewhat big area. If you want to progress – go NW, every other path is dead end/has some loot you can grab… bookshelves also tend to give books.
  • Door near next area entrance is simply a healing point.
  • Next up is magic barrier area. Head NE first to a graveyard, the 2 shelves there have stat boost items.
  • Nothing important left so NW to reach Student Dorms.
  • Some doors can be opened here for some books… you can also skip the 3 enemies via door nearby and secret path on east wall.

The door which is east from teacher NPC on the west side of the crates connects to door near him – you can open this secret shortcut on west wall of first door from the east there. We will use this shortcut soon.

The last door in SE corner has an ACHIEVEMENT secret key.

Before we progress further – use the previous shortcut to reach teacher NPC. The westernmost door there is now unlockable and has a stat boost item in one of chests.

You can also go back to “Research Lab” 2 areas back to create another shortcut from NW corner to SW corner. With chests in between those containing spirit soul stones.. but those are up to you, not too important.

Move on.

BEFORE you enter the obvious boss room – check one of the cracked walls in SE corner – It’s an ACHIEVEMENT. revealing a save point.

Boss itself is super easy but quite long since you will have to take down 2x10k HP barriers on top of boss HP.

After boss you will enter a small story scenario with easy fights and no secrets, just progress linearly to eventually conclude this city.

  • Sarasa joins you and your city is getting attacked.
  • Sarasa is a mage…
  • If you plan to use her – you will likely want to turn on the “command remember” in the settings so she can spam some good spell while you simply hold Z in random fights.
  • On a positive note she can cover a lot of weak spots.
  • She is pretty strong if used well but is not good if you just want to basic attack fast through encounters.
  • Feed some books to her since she starts level 1 and equip her with her secret weapon you got a long while ago.

Your goal in the big open area is NE corner. But first take down 8 enemy groups here for an ACHIEVEMENT. Any group counts. You can also talk with a demon to the east near the bridge afterward for 5 revivals as reward.

Area itself has some mythril equip you can grab if you want but It’s nothing too special.

Inside the barracks you can grab some books/mythril gear as well.

Keep going linearly until you reach green demon who will open up a shortcut.

As you continue there will be a long corridor with “2 plants” on each side.

Hug west wall between 1st and 2nd set of “2 plants” for a secret path leading to ACHIEVEMENT and secret sludge enemy. Mythril shield is an improvement to Ange.

As you continue north there will be a miniboss. After that another shortcut can be done.

Next area is magic lab

First 2 rooms are a bit loot. 3rd to continue. Up north is a healing point, but west to continue.
Room with big enemy has mage staff.

  • As you go further you will see a wounded demon. North from him is way to boss.
  • South of him you can unlock shortcut with healing spot.
  • Also if you go further south – there is a very nice magic robe for Sarasa you can get to by smashing barrels.
  • While boss fight might seem like It’s something dangerous… It’s honestly not. For a reason.
  • Kudan does have one dangerous move but it will take a lot of punishment for him to start using it.. so just take down the pink haired one first.

Once you take down enough HP from Kudan he will one shot your whole team.

A lot of events will happens, just progress story linearly and eventually chapter 3 will start.

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