Dinkum – How to Find the Bushman

Rumors have been going around the island of a mysterious visitor who shows up during rainy weather.

Guide to Find the Ted Selly

How to Find the Bushman

In order to first find the Bushman aka Ted Selly you have to wait for a rainy weather.

You have to go explore a bit usually outside the village. He pops up randomly on the different biomes, I first found him on the forest near the Bush Devils and the second time I found him was near these Wary Mu in the tropical biome.

When walking around you should listen for a loud Whistling. The whistle sounds like from a western cowboy film and its quite loud you wont miss it. That means he is around and you should look for a guy with a bucket on his head.

If you find him make sure to kill any aggressive predators around or they will attack you when you are talking to him.

Things He Can Craft For You


You have met one of the useful NPCs in the game, too bad he doesn’t wanna stay at your village so you have to look for him again next time.

Now that you found the guy, get ready for the strong gears he can craft for you.

He can also buy any hunted related materials at a premium price.

Here is the stuff he crafts

The weapon he crafts are strong.

Battle Shovel

Bone Bow

Bone Arrow

Croco Berley Box

This one is used to lure the Croco

Devil Berley Box

This one is used to lure the Bush Devil

Shark Berley Box

This one is used to lure the Shark

Bonus Tip

Use the shark bait to get its meat named Flake. You can use that to cook Fish and Chips, a food that gives a huge boost to fishing. When you use that during fishing, you can pull the fish so fast no matter how crappy your rod is. If you are using a Iron Fishing Rod, you can just usually get the fish in one go when it bites. Cheers!

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