Dinkum – How to Trap Animals

This is just a quick and easy guide to show you how to trap and send off animals in Dinkum. This is my 1st guide my apologies for the bad layout, I do not know how to change it

Guide to Trap Animals

Starting the Trapper Life

First of all you need to obtain the “Trappers Licence” from Fletch. (You get this by progressing through the game and unlocking the licence).


Secondly, you need to make the trap/traps in the workbench.

Using the Traps

Next attack the animal you are attempting to trap and get its health low and train it towards your trap and get it to run on-top of your trap (if the health is not low enough the animal will break out and attack you. Also some animals with run from you when they are low so chase them down and place the trap in-front of them).

And that my people is how you trap the animals.

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    • I’ve tried that with berries and meat’s and left it for days but nothing happened for me so I found a work around that worked

  1. I managed to snag a magpie with meat but I think it was a coincidence and it just happened to land on the trap lol. Tried to do the same with a cockatoo and it absolutely refused to land where I wanted it to.

  2. Can’t believe how many times I kited aggressive creatures to my base to trap before I realized this, but to make it really easy w/o having to lower their health you can just build a drop-off point in the general area of what you want to trap. Drop set the trap 2-3 squares away from the front of your drop point, then aggro and kite the creature to the trap and quickly put it in the drop point before it breaks out.

  3. For non-aggressive creatures, you can bait traps with meat to catch magpies, or with gum nuts to catch cockatoos. If you have spare traps, surround your baited trap with extras so the birds can’t dine and dash. I’ve never seen a mu, scrub turkey, magpie, or cockatoo even attempt to escape, so baiting traps where you can see those birds is a sure fire way to catch them.

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