Drug Dealer Simulator – Psychedelics Gang Quest Guide

This is all you need to know about the Psychedelics Gang, how to unlock it and the 3 extra drugs!

Guide to Psychedelics Gang Quest

What is the Psychedelics Gang?

The Psychedelics Gang is a gang that makes psychedelic drugs (LSD, DMT & Mushrooms) but they suck at distribution. You get the quest to work for this gang to unlock their 3 drugs for dealing.

Their Hideout is located in Stink, the building with the “Science, b**ch!” blue graffiti on the wall.

Starting the Quest

Once you get informed about the gang during your playthrough, you will need to ask your clients about the gang before you even go to their hideout. You can do this by dealing to people and when you interact with clients/dealers there will be an extra button that you press to ask them.

Keep asking everyone about the gang and eventually someone will mention the Secret Code ‘Kenny sent me to get the groceries’ or whatever it may be.

Once you get that code; head to this spot in stink, it’s the building with the blue “Science, b**ch!” graffiti:

From there: talk to Walter inside. You’ll start the quest to deliver the envelopes/letters.

Part 1 – Envelope/Letter Locations

After talking to Walter for the first time, you will get a new task; deliver the correspondences from sector b.

You will need to go to Sector B, look for the letters in various spots; find one, deliver it to the gang (walter) and repeat for 3 total times.

Again: you will need to find 3 total envelopes/letters/correspondences.

You should wait 4 hours after talking to walter to ensure the first letter will be spawned.

Once you find the first letter and deliver it, wait for half a day or a day and start looking for the second one.. until you’re done.

Here are the locations for all the possible locations where envelopes/letters can spawn!

If you need more help with the locations; here is a video of me going through the locations:

Part 2: Laptop Hack & Stealing Red Documents

Once you finish delivering the 3 envelopes/letters to Walter, you will need to pick up the USB flash drive from Walter’s desk (shown in the picture below) and head to the police station near the convenience store in Sector A, lockpick the gate and the door, hack the laptop inside the police station then steal some red documents from there.

Here’s where the USB flash drive will be:

Here’s where the Police Station is on your map:

Here’s how to hack the laptop and steal the documents:

You Are Done (Unlock the Drugs)!

Once you hack the laptop and deliver the red evidence documents, the only thing left to do is to just unlock the 3 new drugs from your shadycomm menu (laptop).

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