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Low end PC – FPS improvement for drug dealer simulator.

How to Improve FPS

FPS Improve – Low end PC

Hello Dealers!

So do you have a low end pc just like me ? Maybe i have a solution.

We can say that this game is awesome and i dont bother losing graphics just to have more fps and an enjoyable experience.

  1. Click on Windows Search and type %appdata%.
  2. On that folder on the top just click on AppData and you will see 3 folders.
  3. Open the Local folder .. Search for the Drug Dealer Simulator open it.
  4. Open folder saved -> config ->WindowsNoEditor.
  5. Open GameUserSettings.ini with NotePad.
  6. Now change on [ScalabilityGroups] the numbers you have for those numbers i put.


sg.ResolutionQuality=100.000000 //This option will make your game sharper or blurry watch out ! I put 50.000000 but did not notice fps improvement so if you want to change that number choose what fits you the best.

Warning: The settings above will remove the shadows on the game and it will make the game more bright ! You will lose some graphics but gain some fps.

  • My PC: 25-30 FPS
  • After doing this: 45-50 FPS

Please notice that it might not work on all PC’s. This is for low end PC gamers!

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