Drug Dealer Simulator – Weed Growing Empire Guide

A detailed guide to exploit the weed growing system in DDS to become rich in just a few hours…

Step-by-Step Guide to Weed Growing Empire


So, youve got to the point that you really want money in DDS, so after 3 years of experience in the game i can assure you that there is ´´not´´ a single better way than weed farming to create an abosulute fortune in DDS, so you can do this before, during or even after ENDGAME so you just need to do this whenever you want an can.

So when it comes to weed growing we all know that you can go 2 ways, outfoors and indoors, but why choosing only one, when you can do both and even adding a third one.


For the weed growing exploit you will need:

  • At least:
    • The psychedelics gang unlocked.
    • Contact of Barney Roman(to buy seeds from).
    • Lvl 15 or higher.



This is my way of doing the exploit, you can do this with the quatity you want but i just wanted to maximise the efficiency as much as possible, and is MY way of doing it, if you dont have enough money you can just start in any hideout with just a few pots and you will have a lot of profit anyway.*

Costs from scratch

  • Total: 27.610$ (If you want the max profit)

Bank: 19.470$

  • 2 Hideouts (Old Marketplace & Stink First Floor) 2490$
  • 100 Flower Pots 40$ each
  • 10 UV lights 150$ each
  • 27 Air filters 300$ each
  • 6 Large dryers 450$ each
  • 4 metal containers 45$ each
  • 1 Large industrial table 500$

Cash: 8.140$

  • 100 Skycrapper outdoor seed 35$ each
  • 100 BonkBreaker indoor seed 40$ each
  • 2 Duffle Bags 200$ each
  • 30 Bottles of Water 8$ each


Probably the reason why you are here, just take a look at these numbers first:

If you do both, indoor and outdoor just like I do you will get:

Growth of Our Seeds

Seed – Dried Grams

  • Skycraper – 125g
  • Bongbreaker – 112.5

So taking in consideration the buying price from the psychodelics gang that is: 4$ per gram, that throws some crazy stats and numbers, 500$ bucks for each Skyscrapper and 450$ for bong breaker, and i repeat, this is per plant, which if you follow my strategy and you complete 1 cicle (1 outdoor harvest and 2 indoor harvest because indoor grows twice as fast than outdoor) you will have a total of 35kg of dried product wich translates to 140.000$ and 132.500$ discounting the seeds…

So take a look at the numbers and see how much you can actually do.

The Setup

Old market Hideout:

  • 36 flower pots (max capacity 38)
  • 36 Bongbreaker seeds
  • 4 lights
  • 10 Air Filters
  • 1 Duffle Bag
  • 10 Bottles of water (stored in the duffle bag)

Stink first floor hideout:

  • 64 flower pots
  • 64 Bong breaker seeds
  • 6 lights
  • 17 Air filters
  • 1 large industrial table
  • 6 large dryers
  • 4 metal containers
  • 1 duffle bag
  • 20 water bottles (stored in duffle bag)

Outdoors (next to Stink first floor):

  • 100 Skyscraper seeds

And thats prety much it.


I suggest using all daylight to water both hideouts plantations and outdoors, also remember pressing t while refilling the water bottles to make it quicker.

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