Dying Light 2 – Guide to Crane Reference and Marian Sneakers (Easter Egg)

Secret room containing crane references and marian sneakers for triple jumping.

Crane Reference and Marian Sneakers Guide

All credit goes to Xlaczu!


This secret room is located on the farthest South-East part of the map right beside a renegades camp.

You don’t need to take out the camp just go next to it until you find this place.

From here it’s straight forward just swing to this container and lockpick it.

Crane References

Inside the container you’l find two drawings of crane and pictures of crane himself.

Here i’d like to point out that i can’t really figure out who’s on that drawing except crane, but i guess is that it’s spike.

Also near the ‘main’ drawing we can find a radio that when turned on, will play a conversation between crane, jade and broken (aperently it’s not the only one conversation from dying light, if we leave it runing for long enough we can hear some other conversations).

Marian Shose

Beside all the photos and drawings inside the crate we can finde a bed and the “world’s best mom” doll, from “mom’s day” side mission from dying light, but this time it has “world’s best crane” written on it.

We can sit next to him and hold his hand, and after sitting for some time a package will apear on a table in front of us.

Inside we will find “marian sneakers” which are referencing mario.

After putting them on, we learn that we can’t exactly triple jump, as it says in the description, but after jumping three times in a row we get a cool animation of aiden doing a front flip.

Secret Techland Room

Also I make a guide on a secret Techland’s room and “left finger of GLoVa” – the blueprint that i found and you can check it out here.

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