Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes – Magic Characters Explained

This guide explains whats the point to play with magic characters.

Does It Have Any Point?

I find it pretty useful, it’s just that early on you don’t have decent Rune Lenses or multiple choices for mages. I would say so far Light and Wind Magic seem like the biggest scams, huge MP costs for very little usefulness at least as far as level 1 Runes go. Early game magic seems to be more focused on just healing and status effects until you start finding higher level runes then the damage picks up a bit, but nothing so far can keep up with the damage Iugo, Maureus and Yusuke can pull off with proper use of damage buffs/food outside of maaaaybe a super buffed up Lam in hot girl summer mode.

Francesca stayed in my party until I got Isha (with a second level Water Rune) since she had the highest MP of all the casters, her melee smack hurts a lot and she has a nice Duel Tech with Falward which makes the early to mid game bosses a cake walk.

Isha though is a straight upgrade to Francesca, more MP, super fast plus one of the best looking sprites in the game (imo).

Melridge is good if you want a Fire Rune mage. Carrie is also super fast so she’s useful if you slap on a Rune Lens that isn’t Light (I used her with a Dark Rune until I unlocked Milana).

My other favourite so far besides Isha is Milana, she has 6 unlockable Runes, a nice dark Rune Lens for AoE damage+Sleep and her SP tech she starts with is AoE as well for only 2 SP she’s my MVP for random encounters.

Earth magic I put on Nowa for the status cleanse and armour break spell. The element enhancement runes are also super decent on your Melee fighters with low magic like Iugo with his 5 SP nuke or taunt counter skill.

When it comes to melee damage I think the two best ones I’ve found so far are Yusuke with his boost skill that stacks twice (who hasn’t left my party since I got him at the start of the game). He has a double tech with Jorhan but so far he seems pretty mediocre even though he’s hot so not sure if he’s worth keeping in my party for the combo attack when he only hits for 50 damage plus very little MP so he can’t cast anything useful.

Maureus (which Francesca needs to be level 36 since you need someone with over 270 MP to recruit him) he’s got some good damage with his 1 SP boost skill and another 5 Sp nuke like Iugo. Slap on the Fire enhancement or the Dark one from Milana and the two of them are hitting like 500-700 damage a pop. He also has a triple tech with Mellore and Gieran. He is a melee nuker though so he’s virtually useless when it comes to magic damage.

That covers the main op/mages people I’ve run into so far since I just got to the desert areas last night so I’m around mid game give or take.

Magic definitely becomes more useful later, and characters who attack with magical element actually attack with their magic stat, not strength. So buff up the mage’s magic stat for strong normal hits. It’s hard to tell about magic spells scaling early on; the level 1 offensive spells are pretty much never worth using, but the water level 3 heal spell definitely scales off the caster’s magic stat, and the level 2/3 spells that deal “moderate” damage seem to be better than normal attack.

But I would agree that for the most part, magic is most useful for healing, buffed, and debuffing.

Notable spell list

  • Dark lvl 1: damage all enemies and high chance to cause sleep
  • Dark lvl 2: apply a “damage over time” based on a % of the target’s maximum health. Boss killer
  • Water lvl 2: magic defense buff
  • Water lvl 4: damage and slow the enemy
  • Earth lvl 5: Canopy Defense
  • Light lvl 4: apply Light element to the party and restore minor health at the end of each turn for 3 turns
  • Light lvl 5: full heal/revive
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