ELDEN RING – Battling Enemies Guide (Attack and Defense Basics)

When you encounter an enemy in the game, the enemy will attack you.

Guide to Battling Enemies

Locking onto Targets

Pressing the [R3/R] button will lock the target onto a nearby enemy. While a target is locked on, you can change targets using the right stick.

When a target is locked, the target will always remain in front of you.

Right-Hand Weapon Action

Press the [R1/RB] / [R2/RT] buttons to attack with the weapon equipped in your right hand.

Left-Hand Weapon Action

Press the [L1/LB] / [L2/LT] buttons to attack with the weapon equipped in your left hand.

  • You can equip a shield in your left hand and press [L1/LB] to guard with it.
  • You can also use your weapon’s skill by pressing the [L2/LT] button when the weapon is two-handed or a shield with a skill is equipped.

Switch Between One-Handed and Two-Handed

While holding down the [△/Y] button, press the [R1/RB] / [R2/RT] buttons to switch the right-hand weapon and the [L1/LB] / [L2/LT] buttons to switch the left-hand weapon to two-handed. If you hold the weapon with both hands, you won’t be able to use the weapon you were holding in the other hand, but the attack will be more powerful and it will be easier to break the opponent’s guard.

Use Your Skills

Press [L2/LT] while holding a two-handed weapon to activate the skill set for that weapon.

Depending on the skill, you can perform various derivative attacks by pressing the [R1/RB] / [R2/RT] / [L2/LT] buttons, as well.

If your left hand is empty (or if certain special weapons are equipped) you may not need to switch to a two-handed grip to activate the skill of the weapon in your right hand.

A portion of the FP gauge is consumed each time a skill is used. When the FP gauge reaches zero, you cannot use any more skills.

Skills can be changed by changing ashes. The type of ashes you can carry is determined by the weapon type.


Equip a shield in your left hand with the parry skill and press the [L2/LT] button to repel enemy melee attacks.

You can create critical hit opportunities by parrying.

Some enemies won’t have their stance broken with a single parry.

Situational Options

Switching Equipment

You can use the equipment menu to switch equipment. Use the ← key to change the left-hand armament, the → key to change the right-hand armament, the ↑ key to change sorcery/incantation, and the ↓ key to switch items.

Items (or magic) will jump to the first slot by holding down the ↑ (or ↓) directional button.

Using Items

Press the [☐/X] button to use an equipped item.

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