Lies of P – Tips for Parrying

How to Parry

Take what I’ll say with a grain of salt, as I didn’t test this and it’s just a feeling I have.


Try parrying just an instant before the attack and when already in full guard position, I think you’ll have more success.

So, in Lies of P, it would seem that enemies actually hit you at frame 1 of their attack animation. I noticed this on multiple occasions, with parries or hits happening when they haven’t connect with my chracter yet. Which means that if you react the very moment they move, it’ll already be too late.

What I did to adapt is learn to guard juuust a bit before they actually move and it seems to work consistently. The problem, however, is that you constantly have to rely on memorization, you have to “feel the moment” to parry.

Hit at frame 1 would also explain why I regularly get hit fully even though I pressed the guard button. Quite often, an enemy will attack, I press the guard button and nothing happens, I just take the full blow.

Now, unrelated to those point, a tip I have is to be on guard early, stay on guard and then tap guard to parry. You can see by tapping guard repeatedly that your character isn’t in full guard position.

However, when you’re already guarding, if you tap guard repeatedly, your character won’t entirely lower the guard before putting it up again. This is another assumption, but I think it’s easier to parry this way because you actually decrease the “travel time” from guard to parry.

Written by Elymnir

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  1. Some notes I took waiting for the price to go down (I’m very patient):

    Did you try parrying using the Legion Arm Aegis?
    Quote: turns out Legion Arm Aegis can perfect guard without even any upgrades, has an earlier and longer window than perfect guarding with a weapon.

    Comments say it’s only valid for the first attack of a combo (you block the rest).

    Apparently it has / had a glitch, too, if you want to break the game, comment quote:
    You can hold LT and spam Parry LB and it will perfect guard every time the mob strike .

    Edit: adding here so I can find it back, comment from a player in another parrying thread:

    Honestly I don’t even use the weapon block to perfect parry anymore unless it’s a VERY quick Fury with almost no wind-up. I use Aegis legion arm and the Blind-Man’s Double Sided Spear handle’s heavies for my Perfect Parry needs. Aegis has a lingering Perfect window with the initial red glow which helps if you deploy it a bit too early on some very delayed Fury attacks, and the Blind Double Sided handle has guard frames through the animation after the quick thrust out with the perfect parry window being the thrusting animation itself as the weapon goes past you and lingering for a few frames after.

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