EVERSPACE 2 – How to Wreck Havoc with Bomber Class

Want to end a fight even before it actually began? Then the bomber class is what you are looking for. Insane area of effect damage capabilities and toughness making it one of the most imba classes.

Guide to Wreck Havoc with Bomber Class


The bomber class is one of the highest and toughest DPS ships in Everspace 2. In fact it does tear down swarms of enemies in high-risk areas with ease. In my optinion RFG will most likely going to nerf this ship a little sooner or later. This ship is big fun to play right now – as long as you like slow and ponderous ships.

My other favourite ship is the ultra-swift Scout class with the weapon range increase. So changing from scout to bomber was a tough switch indeed. But I was highly impressed how good this ship performed so I decided to make this little guide.

Want to know how to end fights before they really began? Of course, else you wouldn’t be here 🙂

Basic Tactics


The main concept of handling the bomber most efficently is to outmax it DPS and use area of effect weaponry against wings of fighters, like mines and the ARC-9000 (its ult). Make big use of the unlimited secondary weaponry. On large targets, like destroyers, you will maximize and concentrate damage. Due to the bombers vampiric effect, you litterally cannot die as you overleech your hull points.

Short said, attacking relentlessly is the best defense for this class.

Cyclops B1 II+

Single wings of fighters

Thrust or teleport towards them and strafe spit 2-3 corrosive mines. The strafing is needed to lower the chances the mines get killed early by the enemy fire. Drones will instantly die to any mine, fighers might need a second mine. But a well spread barrage means a sudden death to all wings.

Large groups of multiple wings of fighters

Aggro them and draw them together while thrusting or teleporting. Soften them by occasionally drop a corrosive mines into the hearts of swarms. Then turn around and unleash the ultimate weapon, if ready, into the center area while trying not to directly hit anything. Chances are the ARC will prematurely explode and damage youself heavily. Finish off the survivors with some spread spitted corrosive mines or your primary weaponry.

Destroyers, carriers and cruisers

Close in with cruise speed or teleporter. Any bigger targets you soften with one destabilizer missile first while munching on its hull with a strong kinetic weapon and mines. The bomber is enough sturdy to take some beating without much of a perk buff, the passive vampire effect will keep you alive against any bigger target easily as it usually overleeches your hull points. If your target is a destroyer, you can use the anti-missile device to make things even more chilling.

The ult is not necessary to do this job, but can be fun as well. It is necessary to go for a direct ARC hit to get an effective hit. But stay at range while teleporting away to lessen the chance to get severly damaged by yourself.


Wardens are shields only. Corrosive mines won’t do anything. This is why I love to have a good primary and secondary weapon at hands that will make up for it. Shieldbreaker missiles, normal missiles, normal mines, EMP generator, destabilizer missiles, whatever. Wardens will do very little damage to your ship as long as you keep moving, so there is no haste in killing them.


This is only a suggestion. Any player has its own favourites, and this is fine. As the bomber is a beast, you can change a lot of things and still be deadly as hell.

Primary Weaponry

Synced Pulse

This kinda new weapon is a better version of the normal pulse. However, it feels that this pulse does deal a lot more kinetic damage than the weapons attribute tells you. Compared to the autocannon it is not much less effective against armor or hull, but way more effective against shields. A very versatile weapon with longer range. It is better against shielded fighters, Wardens or Redeemer cruisers.

I do like my synced pulse with the corrsive chance effect on it, as well as the higher crit chance. Makes it even deadlier on tougher armored target.


One of my favourite weapons. Though a little bit low range it is most effective to damage enemies without shields. Temporarily switch to it if the synced pulse is empty or you have a hull or armored tanked target.

I usually love my autocannons with the attribute to build up extra damage for any second you keep firing on it. This will double the damage on longer barrages.

Secondary Weaponry

(Corrosive) Mines

This is one of the key secondaries and vital. Mines detonate by proximity and will deal are of effect damage, whiping out groups of enemies easily. Although normal proximity mines work too and look more awesome, I suggest using corrosive mines instead. The do not damage yourself, so you can literally unleash them clsoe to an enemy wing, and they more act like heavy dumbfire rockets and will not stop moving. They will deal no shield damage but do a lot more damage on hull/armor instead, killing enemies with shields still on. Who need to damage shields if the target dies anyway?

(Shieldbreaker) Missiles

I prefer normal missiles to do pinpoint hunting when NPC fighters are surrounding my targets to prevent making them aggro. Mines are not suitable for this type of encounters. If you want a more Warden focused secondary, equip the shieldbreaker missile.

Destabilizer Missiles

A superior destabilizer missile lets you deal nearly twice the damage than normal (84% more damage). This is a huge advantage against Wardens, carriers, destroyers and cruisers.

Use it, and they will fall apart very quick.


Every module should at least push the firepower attribute. Expertise, utility, handling and resistance are nice to have, but not necessary. There are only two modules I want to mention especially:


I prefer having the 500m ranged EMP effect when the shield is breaking on the shield module. This really helps a lot, especially in combination with the Defensive Massacre perk you can get multiple EMP blasts in short order.


This module can occasionally have a ship speed bonus on it, which I really like for this particular class. This makes up a little for the slow and slugginess behavior.


This is also just a suggestion. Adapt to your personal liking.

EMP Generator

This device really helps if you are surrounded by a lot of enemies. It will give you some breathing and you can take down some enemies while the effect lasts. Also it will lower the enemies shields siginificantly.

I personally use the Hard Reset mode on it, to make the effect last longer for every kill done during this phase.

With my chosen perks I will get a nicely +20% weapon energy as well.


My favourite device. It can have up to 3 charges which will teleport you 600m in the direction you are look promptly. So you can use the right amount of little jumps (600m to 1800m with a triple-jump) to get close to targets (sniper drones, or big targets) or get away of an enemy group fast. This device also gives the bomber a little bit more movement freedom while exploring areas countering the slowness a little bit.

I love to have the Parting Gift mode activated. This will leave up to a free proximity mines back which will area damage the enemies in the vacinity or trying to follow you. Good thing if you escape-jumped out of a swarm of enemies.

Missile Defense System

This is not a mandatory device at all. But the bomber is a sitting duck if your teleport charges and thrust energy are used up. Activating this device will at least handle all incoming missiles, lessen the damage eaten significantly. Less time spend for dodging means more time for dealing damage.

I prefer the Sustenance mode on it. This will last the effect longer for every missile eaten. This is especially good against destroyers or enemy bombers.

You may replace it with an Annihilation Virus device. With my character perks you will get an extra of 20% weapon energy with it and it does a lot of group damage as well, maxing out your overall DPS capabilities even more. But it takes a long time to deal the damage. Most likely you destroyed a lot of infected ships with your mines until then. It’s up to you what you want to use more.


While in the Early Access state, we are capped at LVL 20 right now with 4 character perks unlocked.

Here are my suggestions:

Lvl 5 perk: Defensive Massacre

Will start recharge of shield as soon as an enemy dies. Can cause multiple EMP detonations in a short period with a shield that generates an EMP blast if running out. A very nice combination.

Lvl 10 perk: Downtime Warrior

One of my favourites. The more devices are recovering the less weapon energy your weapons will use. -30% for each, which is a lot. As I use my devices regularly I can reduce you energy consumption up to 90%. For the Teleporter it is just needed to have used one charge to count, so you still have 1 or 2 more whenever needed.

Lvl 15 perk: Relentless

Gives you 20% for any warfare module installed. As I always have EMP Generator installed, and on many other classes the Annihilation Virus, you will profit from it. But Crit Happens is also a good thing to use instead.

Lvl 20 perk: Unyielding Assault

Activating your ult (ARC-9000) will instantly repair 50% armor and erase all debuffs on your ship. This can be a life saver, especially if the ARC detonates too early and you already had none armor left.

Video Demonstration

I made a brief video to show what this ship is capable off while raiding superior high-risk areas on LVL 20, the actual level cap. Not my best encounters, but it should give you the basic idea how to play the bomber.

In the first part I will show all the used equipements, the augmentations, devices and perks. If you want to dive directly into the action, feel free to skip this part directly to minute 2:41.

The first 3 high risk areas are normally fitted, the forth and last one against Redeemers I’ll show you that even if you use bad gear (commons) and no perks and augmentations at all, you will still win. Though I must admit the distraction Elek, your companion who occasionally shows up and helps you, was causing at some point was very welcomed. Though it also lessend the chances for my corrosive mines to deal group damage as he spreaded the enemies too much away from each other.

Thanks for reading and watching. And good hunting, fellow pilots.

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