EVERSPACE 2 – What’s the Best Ship?

Best Ship Tips

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In general the larger ship classes will be safer early on in the game when you don’t have access to a lot of higher tier gear and perk synergies. Simply having more bulk will make combat much less dicy. No matter what the ship having a railgun, ideally with the marksman trait on it, to help thin out aggressors from a safe distance is useful.

The gunship is very simple, it has double the gun and an auto aim turret on the top for when you get surrounded. It’s armour has a strong damage reduction on it. You’ll generally want fast firing, low energy consumption weapons so you don’t drain yourself too quickly and an armour that prioritises % regeneration on kill rather than raw amount to boost your effective HP.

The Bomber is a twist on this being able to use secondary weapons like missiles and mines with energy instead of ammo. Secondary weapons are very effective at applying stasis effects like corrosion and can also often hit multiple enemies when clumped up. It’s expertise restoring hull HP on damage dealt is unreliable but can be fun. Bringing corrosion mines can provide a lot of health regen if you hit multiple targets. Rockets for close range and cruise missiles for long range. Getting the passive that makes your ult deal less damage to you is helpful. Look for an energy core that leans into regen to keep you going.

Vindicators are probably the safest and easiest ships in the entire game. Drones not only attack enemies for you but can also draw aggro away from you. There’s not really anything you can do to affect drone output beyond pumping the expertise stat so feel free to just use whatever equipment you feel like. For passives the ideal one you want is +1 drones as it’s effectively an extra 20% damage. Bringing the teleport support device can help to quickly reach wrecks to get your drones running in the first place.

For medium ships your choice is between the sentinel and the interceptor. While the striker can be very powerful it’s playstyle is the riskiest and really it needs the passive that gives it armour on ult use to survive it’s own playstyle. It’s bonus to boost speed does make it good for the racing challenges however.

The sentinel is the jack of all trades ship in everspace, and the tankiest of the mediums which is why you start the game in one. It’s expertise stat reduces shield damage taken and it deals extra damage when at high shields. It’s ult is also very powerful when you are surrounded. The EMP generator with the mastery to restore shields per targets hit is also made for this ship. Because of your ult being so strong up close and your damage being tied to shield level picking longer range guns is beneficial. Use the ult when the enemy does get in close.

The Interceptor is similarly straight forward, it’s entire kit revolving around either reducing weapon energy use or providing extra energy to make sure you never need to stop firing. Load up anything fast firing or energy intensive and go to town.

Light ships in general will require much more finesse, perks and equipment to make them work well compared to their heavier cousins.

The scout is the simplest of the bunch. Put a railgun on it. Use your ult and teleport to run away when enemies get close. Repeat until bored.

The vanguard is the closest to a pure dogfighter you’ll get, with a constant shield overcharge if flying fast and a bonus to damage if you hit enemies in the rear, though this is only really workable against bosses. You can either use all that speed to get in close with a short range weapon and never let go of the boost button. Or stick with a railgun and use your ability to get out quickly and recharge shields to play it like a scout.

The stinger is the trickiest to use effectively it’s perk allows it to over level devices and using them gives your currently equipped gun an extra hardpoint for a short while. You really need the passive that restores shield on device use and the passive that gives stealth when shields deplete to make yourself survivable however.

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