MADNESS: Project Nexus – How to Lose Less of Your Sanity Doing the S3LF-Eater Update

How to Lose Less of Your Sanity

[Some Spoiler Warnings]

Hey Everyone! i just did the S3LF-Eater Update and found it kinda annoying and nearly lost my Sanity, which is why i’m Making this guide so that you can lose less of your Sanity.

Firstly, where do you even find it?

Well the location of it is all the way to the left of the science tower area.

Just go up the stairs and enter the building.

After you’ve done that, kill the thing, and then inspect what it dropped, It will tell you where the shrine is. The Location will change between the 5 different areas.

When you did that, you’re tasked with finding different things. These will randomly spawn in all 5 sections, that being the Outskirts, Industrial Sector, Residential Sector, Commercial Sector and the Science Tower.

But before you do that, do Steps 1 and 2 first.

  1. Have 4 Party members before you do this

Just go to start the last level, and exit right after.

  1. Make everyone wear outfit’s that give them 5 Corpus Blocks

Look for Sanford Alternate 2, Deimos Alternate 2 or Punished Hank, the more Corpus blocks you have is, obviously better.

You could use the cursed outfit, haven’t used it but i imagine it would be pretty good.

  1. Make sure to make your Party member’s follow you

If you get grabbed by it, the only chance of escaping is having a party member attack it from behind. If not, you’re character who was grabbed will be unplayable until you change locations.

  1. Use Freecam [Requires NEM]

Once Not Enough Madness get’s updated, use the free cam so you can have a better time of finding the things that you need to find in the overworld.

  1. Don’t try and fight it

You Only need to kill it Once. Once at the beginning, and lasty at the end. The thing is an annoyance at best, and will always come back like William Afton. just run the ♥ away from it and try to find the things. It has a lot of Health and deals a lot of damage, and the only think you’ll get for killing it is a hint of where the thing is that you need to find.

Hopefully this guide helped you lose less of your sanity, have a great day, and thanks for reading!

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  1. we need to kill the Nemesis-like thing to know exactly where the next shrine is…. how do we kill it? just shoot it or hit it until it dies

  2. “Why can’t I find the things for this quest?!” also refuses to kill the self eater
    why do people do this

    • Because it lies to you. It will tell you it’s in one location, and it’s not. Sure you can get a quick head start by killing it, but it takes a while to kill, and you have to run around anyways, so you may as well just avoid it, or fight it out of sheer boredom.

  3. Actually..killing it is the way to get clues to know where you need to go.

    It goes like this.

    You kill it. It gave you location. Go there and kill it again. You get another location. You are in a right place if it gave you a location that you are in.

    He’s tanky but not as hard as Phoboes. Just counter his attacks. Melee him up while let your companions shoot him.

    • Go to infront of the science tower entrance, head left until you find some stairs.
      Head up the stairs and enter the building

  4. Another option you can do is to beat the game so you are the Sheriff. The Sheriff basically gives you unlimited ammo so you can somewhat safely kill the eater. Especially when you get the laser weapons midway through the mission.

    • Pretty much what you said. Sheriff (for whatever reason) has unlimited ammo with any weapon you use. So I played as Sheriff, went to the the top area of the Science Tower, and grabbed a D. Lancer. Made killing the S3LF-Eater a breeze, so I could get the clues and find out where to search next.

      • thats funny because thats exactly what i did too, even with the infinite ammo it still felt tedious

  5. Use Savior Loadout and start killing him with your Nexus Bolts. It will be best if your team has 2 or more guys with Savior Loadout. He will die after 20+ shots with Nexus Bolts

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