Factory Town – Transport Method Tips

Useful Tips to Transport Methods

  • Individual workers/people are surprisingly good even into the mid-game…but they only hold 1 item.
  • Wagons/caravans are solid, but they can’t go through each other like people and they can create serious traffic jams.
  • Boats are decent and can handle complicated crisis-crossing routes very well without traffic jams or creating spaghetti
  • Chutes are viable into the late-mid-game but need need tricks to go up hill and only handle loose bulk
  • Belts are ok…but early belts are too slow and belts with mixed items create huge congestion issues. Even with compute blocks, you mostly only want one resource type on a belt to avoid nasty jams.
  • Wood rail isn’t great…but investing in this early makes upgrading to metal rail much later
  • Metal carts/metal rail is actually pretty good and very fun. Unlike belts, they are very good at handling mixed resource types. They key with metal carts though is using logistic filters, cart filters, loader/unloader filters, signal tags, and editing the global rules to allow them to carry non-loose bulk. They they are super fun.
  • Trains are much faster and hold more capacity than metal carts. But they are very expensive. I actually find metal carts more fun to use on their own.
  • Underground pipes are excellent….you want to use them when you can.
  • Overground/3d pipes are inferior to 2d pipes and should only be used as a last resort when 2d pipes can’t be built (eg floating/elevated buildings).

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