Fallout 4 – 100% Happiness Settlement Guide

Having trouble pleasing your settlers? Does your settlement’s happiness refuse to increase despite it having enough bars to supply the whole Commonwealth? Look no further, survivor, this guide is for you.

Guide to 100% Happiness Settlement

What Is Required to Make This Work?

At minimum you will need:

  • An empty settlement (Do not use Sanctuary).
  • A single settler.
  • 20 or so mutfruit.
  • 3 Cloth.
  • 1 Concrete.
  • 1 Circuitry.
  • 3 Gears.
  • 2 Oil.
  • 15 Steel.
  • 5 Wood.
  • 500 Bottlecaps.
  • Rank 2 of the perk “Local Leader”.

Putting It Together

Firsts things first, make sure you move your settler to your empty settlement. Any settlement can work, but I recommend not using Sanctuary because the Minutemen do not deserve happiness. The settlement I ended up using was Jamaica Plain.

Now you can get to building. To start, make a bed for your settler. Just a sleeping bag will suffice, but make sure it is placed somewhere that is sheltered from the rain.

Now place a turret somewhere to give the settlement enough defence.

Next, place a water pump.

Now place the mutfruit in the workshop inventory. Mutfruit supply a settlement with 1 food per item, making them preferable to other foods like razorgrain, which only give 0.5 food per item.

The picture says 13 mutfruit, but make sure you have at least 20 or you risk fumbling the metaphorical bag.

Optional: You can build a weight bench and pommel horse to give additional happiness, they only cost 3 Steel each.

To finish, build a bar (Level 2 Drink stand) and assign your settler to it.

What Now?

Now that all your building is complete, the settlement’s happiness should be increasing (denoted by a green “up arrow” in workshop mode). So you’ve got two choices:

  1. Wait, wait, and keep waiting until happiness hits 100% and you get the achievement (Tedious if you ask me).
  2. Continue to play the game as you were before. Maybe give Preston a hand around Sanctuary. Lord knows he needs help to get Mama Murphy off the chems. Every so often, check back at your settlement to make sure happiness is still on the up and up. Eventually, happiness will hit 100%.

Useful Tips for the Settlement System

  • Start with 10 charisma, buy some +cha clothes (hat, suit) to get ~24 settlers limit (not really necessary, only if you want many people walkiing around)
  • Build a bell and put a chair besides it, ring it and wait in the chair for one hour so every settler gathers around it (even the one on trade route between settlements), later on you can build a terminal to control the settlers more easily
  • Build a radio transmitter to get new settlers every day and assign every settler to a post, if you have more than 5? unemployed no new settlers will spawn
  • Build ~40-50 industrial water cleaner in Sancutarys river, you will get ~1200 bottles of clean water every day which sells for massive amounts of money
  • With the money from the water trick buy out vendors, even all weapons and dissamble them to get their materials for your own upgrades
  • Buy materials in stacks from vendors in the main cities (diamond city, good neighbour)
  • 150 defense is the max internal value to reduce the chance of being attacked by raiders
  • Connect settlements with the trader skill to get access to building materials across all settlements
  • For a “normal” settlement without abusing charisma drugs and co like stated above you need ~24 beds, 24 or 48 crops, 4 settlers as farmer, 6 as shop keepers, 1 trader, and the rest 13 put into scavengine stations to avoid blocking new settlers
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