Farming Simulator 22 – Haut-Beyleron Cartridge Locations (Game On Achievement)

Haut-Beyleron all cartridge achievement.

The Map

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Haut-Beyleron Cartridge Locations

Note: In order to collect the cartridges you have to find one and press R while standing in front of it.

1.Fresh Fruit Farmers

2.Harp Lifter

3.Tractor Turbo Challenge

4.Tractor Transport Service

5.Vertical Farming

6.Farm Crisis III

7.Quest for the Emerald Duck

8.Hyper Cropping

9.Pasture Sovereign

10.Road Race Ratooning

11.Caverns of Underelm

12.Wheat Gobbler

13.Mechanized Agriculture


15.Trap Crop

16.Space Cultivator

17.Ultimate Tomato


19.Get Off My Field

20.Pezzt Control


50k$ for one cartridge and Game on achievement.

Written by Henry


  1. a noter que sur la carte a coter du champ 18 sur la gauche y a pas le point d’une cassette la dernière manquante

    sur-ce bonne chasse au cassette 😉

  2. I was very hyped up about this when I first saw a PC with a joystick; too bad you can’t actually play the games…

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