Farming Simulator 22 – Hidden Collectibles Guide

Hidden Items in FS22 / Free Money!

Hey, I present you a map of hidden objects (toys) that can be collected in Farming Simulator 2022.

There are 100 items to collect, which are toys – 10 of each type (cows, plows, tractors, harvesters, sheep, horses, barrel wagons, seeders, trailers, pigs). The number of collected toys can be checked in the game statistics.

  • For every single item – we get 1.000 €
  • For collecting the entire collection of one item (10) – we get 100.000 €

Elmcreek Map (100/100)

Unfortunately, some items are hidden in less obvious places (e.g. numbers 11 and 12, which are located in a building that at first glance is impossible to enter, or numbers 24, 25, 26, 27, which are hidden in caves).

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What Are Those Objects?

  • Trailer
  • Horse
  • Tractor
  • Cow
  • Other

Haut-Beyleron Map (20/20)

There are 20 items to collect, which are cartridges for the computer. The computer you can find in the farm garage where you can insert those cartridges.

Just follow the link below for details:

Erlengrat Map (12/12)

There are 12 items to collect, which are cheese. Just follow the link below for details:


  1. Thanks for the map. Locations are good expected for the number 100.
    Is located at the number 83, near to a little house with places to seat. We can compare this place with a parking.
    Sorry for my English, I hope my description will help you!

  2. Really….! You find the remaining 7 toys you were missing, and then re-number them all? Now we can’t figure out which we ones we had found or hadn’t found. I appreciate you posting the locations online, but now we have to start over…

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