System Shock – How to Transfer Saves

Guide to to Transfer Saves

Steam Deck to PC

Alright, so to transfer your save from steam deck to pc, you will first have to either use a program to transfer files from your steam deck, or connect via usb.

If you are using a program on steam deck make sure to have hidden files enabled, here’s how to do this quickly.

Right click the Hamburger in the Upper Right Corner of your Explorer Menu and enable it in the options.

Now you will have to navigate to the /home/.steam/steam/steamapps/compatdata/482400

Pictured below

Once you are here, head to the following.

  • PFX -> drive_c -> users -> Steam User -> Saved Games -> Nightdive Studios -> System Shock -> Saved

Here is where your saves are.


  • Now get your save from your PC.
  • Open the Run App or use Windows + R
  • Paste this in
    • %USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\Nightdive Studios\SystemShock\Saved\SaveGames\
  • This should bring you straight to your saves, which is located in your user folder.

Now that you have your save from your PC, plug in your steam deck to your PC, then copy from PC folder to the steam deck folder. If you want to wireless transfer, I recommend KDE connect, it works great on PC/Deck.

Cheers. This is meant to help transfer saves since steam cloud is currently not working on this game.

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  1. Well Deck to PC is what the instructions above provide, I just reversed them to move it from PC to Deck, so yeah… they’ll work fine either way

  2. Thanks for this, enabled me to move my saves from PC to the deck, so i could carry on playing from where I left off before a trip away, appreciate the time and effort!

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