Fire Emblem Engage – How to Link Your Fire Emblem Heroes Account

How Link Your Nintendo Account to Engage and Heroes

You must have Fire Emblem Heroes loaded on a mobile device (iOS or Android) and a Nintendo Switch with internet connectivity in order to receive these rewards.

Open Fire Emblem Heroes on your mobile device, select Quests and Missions, and then hit the icon in the top right corner. Before getting to the home screen if it’s your first time playing, you must finish a quick lesson. After tapping the icon, you must establish a Nintendo Account or, if you already have one on your Nintendo Switch, link it by following the stated procedures.

After linking your accounts, clicking the emblem in the upper right corner of the Fire Emblem Heroes screen will take you to a MyNintendo Rewards page where you can use exclusive discounts. To redeem the promotion, choose the 5 Orbs and the Nintendo Switch Game Bonus Code.

Your reward will be claimed on the Nintendo Switch using a 16-digit code that you will receive after redeeming it (so remember it or write it down!). You may view this code at any time by going back to the My Nintendo Rewards menu. You should try to use the code as soon as you can because it won’t expire for at least 150 days after being redeemed. Additionally, you will receive 5 Orbs for Fire Emblem Heroes, which may be used to purchase items from your Presents List in the main menu (restarting the game may be necessary).

To enter the online shop, choose the Nintendo eShop option on your Nintendo Switch and establish an internet connection. You can enter the 16-digit code you received from My Nintendo Rewards on your mobile device by selecting the “Enter Code” option on the left side of the screen. The video game will immediately update after you redeem the voucher.

Visit the Somniel after launching Fire Emblem Engage (which can be done after Chapter 2). You will be alerted automatically when your prizes have been put to your inventory as soon as you visit the base hub. The Bond Rings may be worn through the Emblem Rings menu, while the weapons can be equipped from your Convoy.

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