Fire Emblem Engage – List of Skills

List of Skills

Every character’s growth in Fire Emblem: Engage is significantly influenced by their skills, which increase along with a character’s proficiency with a weapon or bond with an emblem. Similar to earlier Fire Emblem games, characters can equip talents that have a variety of advantageous benefits in combat.

On the Inventory page and the Manage Skills page, equipped skills can be managed.

In Fire Emblem Engage, there are three different classes of skills:

  • Personal Skill: Each character possesses a personal skill that is associated with their personality. This ability cannot be taken away.
  • Class Skill: When a character in an Advanced class reaches Level 5, they will acquire the special talent for that class. Class talents are freely equippable. A Class Skill can only be equipped once.
  • Inheritable Skills: Characters can pay SP (acquired from engaging in combat with emblems) to acquire skills from an emblem after attaining Bond Level 5 with that emblem. You can equip up to two inheritable skills. Characters will also acquire the skills associated with the Emblem they are presently using. The Ring Chamber on the Somniel is where you may check out all of this.
Personal SkillsDescriptionCharacter
Divinely InspiringAdjacent allies deal + 3 damage and take 1 less damageAlear
Verdant FaithIf unit is adjacent to the Divine Dragon, grants Hit + 10 during combat to both of themClanne
Crimson CheerIf unit is adjacent to the Divine Dragon, grants Avo + 10 during combat to both of themFramme
Alabaster DutyIf unit is adjacent to the Divine Dragon, grants Crit +5 during combat to the both of themVander
Gentle FlowerRecovery items used by allies within 2 spaces heal + 50% HPCéline
ExpertiseGrants units enhanced stat growth when leveling upJean
Trained to KillWhile Unit occupies terrain that provides an Avo bonus, grants Crit + 15.Yunaka
AdmirationIf two female allies are adjacent within 2 spaces, this unit takes 2 less damage during combatLouis
Self-ImproverIf unit uses Wait without attacking or using items, grants Str +2 for 1 turnAlfred
Make a KillingMay obtain 500g when unit defeats a foe. Trigger %=Luck.Anna
Moved to TearsWhen an ally joins a chain attack in this unit’s combat, unit deals +2 damageBoucheron
EnergizedWhen unit recovers HP using an item, grants Str +2 for 1 turnEtie
Fairy-Tale FolkIf a male and a female ally are adjacent within 2 spaces, unit deals +2 damage during combatChloé
Fair FightIf unit initiates combat, grants Hit+15 to unit and foe if foe is also able to counterattack.Diamant
Not “Quite”If foe initiates combat, inflicts Hit-10 on that foe during combat.Zelkov
Knightly EscortWhen 2 or more female allies are within 2 spaces, grants Hit/Avo +5 to unit and those allies.Merrin
BloodfuryIf units HP is not at Max after combat, grants Crit +10 as long asunit’s HP stays below max.Panette
Curious DanceAt start of turn, allies within 2 spaces of unit recover 10% of their max HP.Seadall
Stunning SmileIf foe is male, inflicts Avo -20 on that foe during combat.Rosado
Disarming SighIf foe is male, inflicts Hit-20 on that foe during combat.Goldmary
Get Behind Me!When an ally within 2 spaces is attacked, grants Str+3 to unit for 1 turn.Alcryst
Racket of SolmInflicts Crit -5 on foes within 3 spaces.Timerra
CharmerDuring combat with a foe who was also unit’s most recent opponent, inflicts Cit -10 on that foe.Fogado
Party AnimalGrants a bonus to Hit and Avo equal to 3x the number of allies and foes within 2 spaces.Pandreo
Seconds?On eating a packed lunch, unit may obtain another of the same item. Trigger%=LuckBunet
Single-MindedDuring combat with a foe who was also unit’s most recent opponent, grants Hit+20.Ivy
Blinding FlashIf unit initiates combat, inflicts Avo-10 on foe during combat.Kagetsu
Share SpoilsIf there is an ally within 1 space, grants Hit/Avo+10 at a cost of Crit-10 to unit.Lapis
MeditationIf unit uses Wait without attacking or using items, grants Res +2 for 1 turn.Jade
Aspiring HeroIf no other units are within 1 space of unit or foe, grants Hit+20 at a cost of Avo-10 during combat.Amber
GenerosityWhen this unit uses a healing item, adjacent allies also recover the same amount of HP.Citrinne
Big PersonalityWhen unit uses a healing staff, grants range +1.Hortensia

Bonding with an emblem and obtaining the Skill Inheritance skill are the first steps in unlocking inheritable skills. There are three categories for inheritable skills:

  • Sync Skill: Activated by simply wearing the Emblem. A few sync skills are inheritable.
  • Engage Skill: Only usable after engaging an opponent while wearing the emblem, the engage skill.
  • Engage Attack: Only after engaging with the emblem is the powerful Engage Attack technique usable. Per Engage, one use is permitted. Lodestar Rush, for instance, causes significant damage. Choose Lodestar Rush and a weapon with the Marth Emblem equipped to perform this engage attack.
Inheritable SkillsDescriptionEmblem Required
PerceptiveWhen initiating combat, Avoid +15. Avoid increases with high SpeedMarth
Break DefensesIf unit’s attack breaks foe, unit makes an extra attack at 50% damageMarth
Avoid +10Grants Avo+10.Marth
UnyieldingAt start of turn, when under 20% HP, restores 20% HPMarth
Sword Agility 1Grants Avo+10 at a cost of Crit-10 when using a sword.Marth
Holy StanceWhen user takes damage from Corrupted foe, deals a proportion of that damage to foeCelica
ResonanceWhen equipped with a tome, if unit’s HP is 2 or more, unit loses 1 HP at start of combat and deals +2 damage during combatCelica
CanterUser can move 2 squares after performing an actionSigurd
MomentumGrants Atk+1 to first attack during combat for each space unit moved before attacking. (Max +10)Sigurd
Resistance +2Increases Res by 2.Micaiah
Staff Mastery 1Grants Hit+10 when using a staff. Staves also heal an additional 3 HP.Micaiah
Arms ShieldWhen unit has weapon advantage, unit takes 3 less damage.Leif
VantageIf unit’s HP is 25% or less and foe initiates combat, unit can counter before foe’s first attack.Leif
Knife Precision 1Grants Hit/Avo+3 when using a knife.Leif
Strength +1Grants Str +1Roy
Hold OutIf unit had 30% HP or more at start of combat, unit always survives combat with at least 1 HP.Roy
AdvanceUse to move 1 space toward a foe that is 2 spaces away and attack.Roy
Speed +1Grants Spd +1Lyn
AlacrityIf unit initiates combat with a Spd advantage of 9 or more, unit’s follow-up (if possible) occurs before foe can counterattack.Lyn
SpeedtakerGrants a stacking Spd+2 each time unit initiates combat and defeats a foe. Bonus lasts for the rest of the battle. (Max +10)Lyn
Bow FocusGrants Hit+10 at a cost of Ddg-10 when using a bow.Lyn
Lunar BraceIf unit initiates combat with a physical attack, deals extra damage=20% of foe’s Def.Emblem Eirika & Ephraim
Dodge +10Grants Dgd +10Emblem Eirika & Ephraim
Lance Agility 1Grants Avo+10 at a cost of Crit-10 when using a lance.Emblem Eirika & Ephraim
GentilityUnit takes 3 less damage.Emblem Eirika & Ephraim
Defense +1Grants Def +1Ike
DemolishBreak destructible terrain in a single blow when using Destroy.Ike
ResolveIf unit’s HP is 75% or less after combat, grants Def/Res+5 as long as unit’s HP stays below 75%.Ike
RepositionUse to move an adjacent ally to the opposite side of unit.Ike
Axe Power 1Grants Atk+2 at a cost of Avo-10 when using an axe.Ike
Dexterity +1Grants Dex+1Lucina
Dual StrikeUnit participates in chain attacks as if it were a backup unit.Lucina
Dual AssistIf unit is able to chain attack, unit will do so when allies attack foes unit could reach by moving. Trigger %=35.Lucina
HP +5Grants HP +5Corrin
Quality TimeAfter unit acts or waits, restores 5 HP to adjacent allies and slightly increases support with them.Corrin
Draconic HexIf unit initiates combat, inflicts -4 to all of foe’s basic stats after combat. (Penalties shrink by 1 each turn.)Corrin
Luck +2Grants Luck +2Byleth
Divine PulseMay turn a missed attack into a hit. Trigger %=30. Chance increases with high Lck.Byleth
MentorshipGrants 1.2× EXP modifier to unit and adjacent allies.Byleth
Art Focus 1Grants Hit+10 at a cost of Ddg-10 when using an art.Byleth
Lost & FoundIf unit finishes an action or waits next to an ally, may find an item and increase support with that ally. Trigger %=Lck.Byleth
Assembly GambitUse to attack an adjacent foe, then move 1 space away after combat. Target foe moves to unit’s previous space.Edelgard
Str/Dex +1Grants Str+1 and Dex+1.Edelgard
LineageIncreases unit’s earned experience by 20%.Edelgard
Bow Guard 1If foe is equipped with a bow, unit takes 1 less damage during combat.Edelgard
StarsphereGrants unit enhanced stat growth when leveling up. [Adds +15% to final growth rates.]Tiki
HP/Lck +2Grants HP+2 and Lck+2Tiki
GeosphereAt start of player phase, if there are allies adjacent to unit, grants Def/Res+3 to unit and those allies for 1 turn.Tiki
Special Guard 1If foe is equipped with a special attack, unit takes 1 less damage during combat.Tiki
Arts ProficiencyProficiency with arts. Required for promotion to certain classes.Tiki
LifesphereIf unit uses Wait without attacking or using items, restores 20 HP and heals status effects.Tiki

Advanced Skills

Additionally, Fire Emblem: Engage has exclusive Advanced Class skills that can only be unlocked by leveling up in an Advanced Class to level 5.

Advanced SkillsDescriptionClass Required
Divine SpiritShortens the Engage meter by one step.Divine Dragon
Golden LotusDex% chance of halving physical damage received.Avenir
IgnisDex% chance of adding half of Str to magic damage or half of Mag to physical damage.Vidame
SolUnit may recover HP=50% damage dealt. Trigger %=DexSuccessor
LunaWhile making an attack, may ignore half of foe’s Def/Res. Trigger %=Dex.Tireur d’élite
Special DanceIf unit uses Dance, grants Dex/Spd/Lck+3 to target for 1 turn.Dancer
Back At YouWhen countering, unit may deal extra damage = half of damage taken. Trigger %=Dex.Cupido
SandstormWhile making a physical attack, may calculate damage with 150% of Def instead of Str. Trigger %=Dex.Picket
Run ThroughUse to attack an adjacent foe, the move to space opposite that foe.Swordmaster
Brave AssistIf unit’s HP is max when making chain attack, unit attacks twice.Hero
Pincer AttackIf unit initiates while ally is on opposite side of foe, always follow up (if weapon allows).Halberdier
ReforgeIf unit’s HP is 11 or more and an adjacent ally is broken after combat, sacrifices 10 HP to remove Break status from that ally.Royal Knight
Smash+When triggering Smash, knocks opponent back 2 squares.Berserker
MercilessUnit deals +50% damage to broken foes.Warrior
No DistractionsGrants Crit +10 during combat when foe can’t counter.Sniper
Careful AimIf unit initiates without moving, grants Hit +40 during combat.Bow Knight
Spell HarmonyIf unit initiates combat with a tome, grants Atk equal to number of adjacent allies with tome.Sage
Chaos StyleIf unit initiates with a physical attack against a foe armed with magic or vice versa, grants Spd +3 during combat.Mage Knight
Diffuse HealerWhen user is healed with staff, adjacent allies recover 50% of that amount.Martial Master
Self-HealingUser can target itself with healing staves.High Priest
SwapUser and adjacent ally swap positions.General
Allied DefenseIf unit is between an ally and a foe, reduces damage to unit by 3 during combat with that foe.Great Knight
PivotUser moves to opposite side of adjacent ally.Paladin
HobbleWhen attacking with Dagger, reduces foe’s Movement by 2.Wolf Knight
Clear The WayUnit’s space and adjacent spaces have a movement cost of 1 for allies.Griffin Knight
Air RaidIf unit initiates from a space foe cannot enter, grants Spd +5 during combat.Wyvern Knight
World TreeWhen a unit uses a staff, may not consume a use. Trigger %=Dex.Sleipnir Rider
Grasping VoidWhen attacking with a tome, unit may deal extra damage = half of foe’s Mag. Trigger %=Dex.Lindwurm
PassFoes do not block user’s movement.Thief
Fell SpiritAt the start of each turn, unit’s engage meter is filled by 1.Fell Child
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