Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach – Easiest Way to Beat The Daycare

I’ve been seeing people on discussion posts ask about making this easier or struggling to get through it, this guide is to help those who are stuck on it still or want the easiest path through it.

DayCare Basics

First of all get to the Security Desk and get the flashlight and make sure to save after doing so. What you going to want to do is familiarize yourself with the area. There are three separate play-buildings that are all connected, and in the dark become a large maze.

What you want to do first is follow the cables to the locations of each generator and find where each one is, and remember where it is.

There are 5 Generators that need to be turned on when the lights go out, and Moon gets faster with each one you turn on, so the best way to do this is by turning each one on in the fastest possible way.

Daycare Path

Keep in mind, this has to be done as fast as possible and done while avoiding Moon. He can not go inside of the play-buildings until you turn on 3/5 generators, after that, he will start chasing you inside of the buildings themselves.

Before turning off the lights, try following this path and remembering it.

First, enter the building I labelled as 1 in the previous section’s image. You will want to enter through this entrance under the bridge and make your way immediately to the right and go upstairs.

Keep following the cable up and you should find your first generator here. Don’t panic because Moon can’t get you yet, make your way back downstairs where the path split off before, make your way around to the bridge and cross it if Moon isn’t there. You’re going to want to go up the stairs to the left going into this building.

Keep going up the stairs and take a right, from here go straight down the path and you should be at the 2nd generator. Turn it on and go down the path that has a slope down and go down the blue slide. This should take you right to the third generator.

Now here’s where you need to be careful, because after turning this generator on, Moon can now follow you into buildings and chase you. Jump out of the building through the hole to the left of the generator and and take another left to get back into the building from the ground floor.

Now that you’re in the building, take a left into a zigzag hallway and another generator should be right there. Make your way up the stairs behind you and jump out of the yellow hole.

After doing so, run to the entrance of the building in the picture below.

You Win!

You should be able to run straight to the last generator from here and switch it on, ending the Daycare Puzzle.


  1. guide helped me with 1st 3 but then I oaniked and got lost. managed to win thankfully but if he were breathing I’d have felt him breathing on my ass that’s how close it was

  2. Yay thank you! I did a lot of research also like a couple hrs lol but your instructions helped me get through it first time no deaths! Ayyyye you’re a saint

  3. honestly idk if it was beginners luck or what, but i did it first try without the guide bc i thought it would be too hard to remember lol

  4. Ive been sitting here for about an hour now just looking at random posts and things to help me escape from moon. He scares me.

  5. this is incorrect an easier way exists:go to the closest distraction to the walled side of the security desk and do the distraction and repeat till moon has his back to the wall than run around the other side and he will get stuck like an idiot if you hit other distractions he will be freed.

  6. I feel like leaving out the ability to knock over the cans is very big here.
    he is required in his programming to pick them up before going after you.
    As such, you can in theory knock over all 5 cans and go around turning on the generators without ever needing to even worry about Moondrop what so ever, I highly suggest it to anyone struggling with this level.

  7. really wish I knew this existed before I spent 2 hours in this segment. Literally. I still remember how intense I was near the end when I saw the last generator while I was running. I would be surprised in Gregory didn’t have like PTSD after this game.

  8. If I had a map, it would be easier to understand what I mean when I explain the method I chose. Generator 1 is the same and crossing the bridge is as well. From the bridge I went into some tubes to get to the generator that has the blasted open wall. From there, I went to the generator at the bottom with that strange hallway. After that, I bolted it up the stairs and made my way to the generator at the top, and ran to the slope and tube that led to the final generator that has no direct entrance, the same one you drop out of through that yellow circle in order to leave. Between generators 2 and 3, I recommend refueling the flashlight at the desk, then running to the 3rd generator. Before you run there, let Moon come to the desk and make sure here is at the left side before you run. When you run there, knock over that set of cans. Sorry, if this isn’t a great description, but it is another method that I spent twenty minutes working out with a friend, and it worked flawlessly.

  9. Everytime I play this part Moon gets stuck onto a distraction pile and then I just casually go turn on the gens

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