Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach – Secret Ending Guide (Ruin DLC)

Warning! This guide contain large spoilers. Read on your own risk.

Guide to Secret Ending


I’ve been searching for secret cams since I found one in chapter 8 (with the music men) and getting all three of them gave me an alternate ending during the final chase, also when I filmed ruined baby had a costume for some reason, idk why that is, maybe its because I’ve completed half of the game collectible-wise?

How to Get Secret Ending in Ruin DLC

So first secret cam is on the very first cam monitor in chap1, the rule for these is to zoom out as much as you can! so go on this monitor and zoom out until you find a grey cam, tune in and it will open a door somewhere, spoiler is that this is part of a set of doors during the last chase against Ruined Baby (more info on that). So first door done!

The second door is in chapter 3, and it is found on the furthest back camera monitor on the gondolade, again tune in and 2nd door opened!

The third and final one is in chapter 8 with the music men, it is on the last camera monitor when you’re looking for the last node, right in front of the music men.

With all that done you can start the final chase and once you get out of the cave section, go left toward the green-ish light, beeline and…surprise!

And here is the video of the ending, but spoilers ahead (also i have a costume on baby idk why i put my reasoning in the description):

UPD. For those looking for more detail. Chapter 8 actually is returning to roxy raceway to get rid of “final node” chapter 7 is the music men / bonnie bowl chapter. The camera here is more specifically by the node on the bowling alley itself, the node itself being the bowling pin.

Chapter 3s camera is in the camera next to the chair node.

The Fourth door (technically 3rd) is in chapter 5, after you clear the first two child nodes when you first enter when you get to the 3rd, which will be scissors, after disabling you’ll run north and find the cams there.

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