Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach – How to Fix FOV (Ruin DLC)

A guide to help you use the UE4 Unlocker tool.

Guide to Fix FOV (Ruin DLC)


With the newest update bringing ruin our old method for fixing the fov by adding a command line to engine.ini no longer works.

But with this being a standard UE4 game we’re able to use an unlocker to gain access to the console and by entering a line of code in game.

First we have to download “Unreal Unlocker’ from here.

Download the program, I personally downloaded “Universal UE4 Unlocker v3.0.21.” and worked fine.

Create a new folder in your FNAF SB Directory, it can be different on your computer but mine is personally:

  • F:\Steam Games\Steamapps\common\Quarters

Create a new folder here and name it “UE4 Unlocker”.

Drag your downloaded zip file into this folder, right click and use “extract here”.

Open up your FNAF SB from steam and load in to your desired save where you can walk around etc.

Alt tab and now open up the UE4 Unlocker “UuuClient.exe”.

Once open we are faced with the general screen which shows us two tables one named “executable” and “window title”.

Press the executable table and select FNAF SB.

Once you’ve selected FNAF SB press “Inject DLL” (There is a good chance it will instantly crash on the first try but open it again and retry) in UE4 UNlocker.

Once its successfully injected we will have access to the Console in game.

Tab back into FNAF SB.

Press the ~ on your keyboard (it’s above TAB and to the left of 1).

And type “FOV 90” without the quotation marks and press enter.

Voila you now have a new method to change your FOV in FNAF SB.

Hope this helps because I was gonna have a hissyfit not being able to play RUIN without throwing up from the awful fov and hopefully my poorly structured guide has helped you, I rushed to find a fix asap!

Please close the ue4 unlocker program after use, if left open and you open up an online ue4 game with an anti cheat you may get flagged for cheating and or banned I’m unsure if it will happen but rather be safe than sorry!

FNAF SB 3440×1440 Ultrawide 100 FOV

Problems You Might Incur

Potential spoiler (10 mins into the game, its really not a spoiler).

Our 2nd Ladder we encounter (Elevator shaft) if we climb up to the top with a higher than standard FOV we will be too far from the landing and fall back down to the bottom, to fix this bring up the console again “~” and type “fov 50” and hit enter, climb to the top and when you make it to the landing and safe and sound re enter your desired FOV.

Another problem I’ve encountered is that it seems like the fov will reset despite us having our new FOV just increase the FOV by another 20 or 30 and see how you feel eg FOV 120 during the first 20 minute of gameplay where Monty jumpscares us causing us to fall down a water hole.

If you get jumpscared/die you will have to re enter your desired FOV again.


  1. absolutely bloody legend, thank you so much.

    fun fact: the screen goes black at FOV 180, and anything beyond that (190+) makes your camera flipped c:

  2. Unfortunately for me UUU can’t seem to see the exe anymore… Was hoping someone else had this issue and knew a fix.

    Doesn’t appear in UUU at any point for me in the game for me.
    Before ruin it did work.

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