Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach – Faz Travel (Level Unload Glitch)

How to Go Through Any Wall in the Game

All credit goes to Denneisk !


Using Faz Travel, you can get to almost anywhere in the game at any point (as long as you have free access to Freddy). You can use this to skip Party Pass doors to get all upgrades without upgrading Freddy, as well as enter into other sections.

Step 1: Summon Freddy next to a wall/door

You can do this glitch from anywhere, but it’s easiest to go next to a wall or door. Some walls/doors are more skippable than others. No, I don’t know why.

Step 2: Enter Freddy and spam jump button

For better results, try using movement buttons in the direction you want to go while entering Freddy.

Step 3: Move in out of bounds

You have triggered a level load of some sort and the entire place is black with only doors and certain lights rendering, so now you have to navigate in the dark before the level loads again. Don’t be too afraid of going out of bounds, but just know that some sections do not have floors, so you will fall through.


This glitch might not work for whatever reason. It worked in my playthrough so I assume it works for everyone. Good luck. This glitch may depend on your hard drive speed.

This method is a bit of luck, so it isn’t perfect. This glitch has been detailed many times before and you can see some videos on it, I’m just posting it here so it’s possibly easier to find. Here’s just one video detailing it (the earliest I could be bothered to find):

Because Faz Travel is significantly slower and hardware-dependent than current speedrun tactics, I don’t see a lot of utility for it in speedrunning, but if you want to glitch around and get all upgrades before 6:00 AM, you might be able to do it this way. Enjoy it if you do.

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