Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach – Sugar High Achievement Guide

How to obtain the 4 Fizzy-Faz drinks required to get the “Sugar High” achievement.

What Are These Drinks?

These drinks called “Fizzy-Faz”s can be found in specific locations across the mall. These are used to boost stamina by an unknown amount and to get the Sugar High achievement. I will be listing the locations of all 4 drinks. Something to note is you only need 3 of the 4 drinks, as getting all 4 requires you to break your save file. If there happens to be more after I will update this guide.

Freddy’s Fizzy-Faz

In order to get this drink, start by going through the mission “Loading Dock”. The drink can be found in a security office before encountering Glamrock Chica. Note that if you choose to take this mission instead of the mission “Prize Counter”, you will be unable to obtain Montgomery’s Fizzy-Faz until you beat the game, and [get to 6 AM and decide to stay at the Pizzaplex.]

Montgomery’s Fizzy-Faz

In order to get this drink, you will have to go through the mission “Prize Counter” on the third floor in the atrium. You can find it behind in the kitchen in El Chip’s restaurant. Note that if you get this drink you will be unable to get Freddy’s Fizzy Faz without breaking your save file.

Glamrock Chica’s Fizzy-Faz

In order to get this drink, you will need a level 4 security key. Go to the main lobby and head to the tolls to the right when facing the freddy statue straight on. You should see a security door that requires the aforementioned security card. Go through to the lounge inside, and you will find a present with Glamrock Chica’s Fizzy-Faz, as well as a collectible note.

Roxxane’s Fizzy-Faz

In order to get this drink, you will need to make it to 5 AM, by then you should have either the claw or voice-box upgrade for Freddy. Go through to Roxy’s raceway, and go to the right side of the area, across the small bridge. Behind the driver bot missing it’s head, you will see some scaffolding. Go up the steps and you’ll see a present containing Roxy’s Fizzy-Faz.


  1. After you collected all 4 Fizzy-Faz drinks you should get the achivement immediately. I say from my experience, that i had already all 4 drinks and i thought that somehow i need to activate them to earn the achivement, because i did not get it, but after playing for the second time it seems to be working this time. By the way thank you for your guide! 🙂

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