Forspoken – Guide to Reduce Stutters and Dips Performance

Ammeliorate performance issues.

How to Reduce Stutters and Dips Performance

Be Wary of In Game Settings and the Empty Benchmark

The benchmark is usless as it renders the world with literally 0 models in it aside from a couple dragons in two of the Althia Shots. Dont rely on it.

The In-Game frame limiter, as is the norm for Japanese PC ports, is also terrible.

In Game, Set the Limiter to 120, Screen to Borderless and Vsync to off. We’ll control the framerate through the nvidia control panel.

In Nvidia Control Panel (or Your Equivalent)

Fire up the NVidia control Panel and go to the App settings for Forspoken

  • Set Low Latency to Ultra.
  • Set the Framerate cap at 60 (Even if you have a good pc, dont try to go for higher, the eventual drops will be unbearable).
  • Set the energy profile to Maximum Performance.

If you can maintain 60 after lowering settings, try capping the game to 50 or 40 using this method and put the in-game cap at 60.

In-Game Settings Tips

Variable Shading is good and does not seem to harm the visuals much so the devs are correct in putting it front and centre.

Be mindful of the memory assignments for textures and models, do not get too close to your memory limit as the memory consumption VARIES constantly. Check the menu by pausing the game at random times during different scenarios and you will see what I mean. If your memory meter is maxed out in an empty mostly static area, it will hit its limit when the game is doing something more taxing.

Standard is not bad quality and attempting to push certain items past it will impact performance more than you would expect. Im still testing which settings are the biggest performance hogs

RT does not introduce that much of a difference in quality (pity, this game coudl really use it) but it is kind of expensive.

Turn off motion blur ffs.

High Quality Models and Texture Filtering are two of the most hungry options. Filtering at standard does not look bad.

Clouds and Fog should be kept at standard (no high fog anyways). Try setting them at low if you are having performance issues. Also Fog is a bad description considering it concerns pretty much all particle effects.

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  1. yeah was a massive jump in performance , but yet its not helping ^^ stable 75fps ( locked) and yet it feels weird when i look around ( interesting tho , in photomode there is NO issue whatsoever when turning around with the cam ) ._.

    • Did you see the change when dorectstorage activates? Its amazing. They should not start the game until you get the new drivers

  2. Tip if you have a weird monitor like 144Hz or 165Hz: Set the max refresh rate to application controlled, so the screen’s variable refresh rate will lock to the game’s 120. Basically, jitter will 100% happen if you can’t lock frames to a multiple of your monitor’s refresh rate, apparently, even with GSYNC. If you have a monitor with a max of 120Hz, 60 frames will look perfect, but 72 will be awful. 165 is nice if you can cap it out, but if you can’t, it has to be locked via the monitor settings or Nvidia control panel forcing a game’s FPS limiter to be the basis.

  3. DLSS can depend on the scaling the dev’s used,, but… Paging files that are handled by games, and controlled by windows can be detrimental to almost any/every open world game. . it’s the kind of performance that can start good, and fade/ ie. become less and less, till windows empties itself out, and there’s literally none left to give, [virtual ram] – hence, set a custom amount, based on total free space on respective drive, and fastest SSD/M2, and you’ll never need to worry about it again, till you reset/reinstall windows. It’s helped countless applications and games, from word, to RDR2 :.: so I will never stop promoting everyone stops being windows controlled 🙂 anyhow 🙂 stay well 🙂

  4. or juist play on a better system. game performance is allright.
    about 100 fps in 4k with RT Dlss quality max details.

    • Im on a 3080ti and 10900k. Not everyone is though. Without using VRS or Anyupscaling (I prefer not to) I can mantain 60 at close to maxing out without rt. I know dlss can shoot up performance but I am not happy with not native resolution

  5. You can try also fixing your windows paging file, stop being controlled by windows. sysdm.cpl your life and fix it forever, till you reinstall windows again;

  6. Thank you so much its pretty much locked at 50 fps with some small stutters here and there def more smoother than before

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