Forza Horizon 5 – Ultimate Drag Racer Guide

In this guide I will help you, a fellow Drag Racer, find the best roads of Mexico to pull reallistic street races against your friends.

Definitive Guide for Drag Racer


This guide will…

  • Show you the best spots for street Drag racing over the Horizon Festival.
  • Show you how to unlock the Drag Spec VW Beetle (In hopes you haven’t bought it from the AH yet).
  • Show you what’s, pretty much, the best house in the game.
  • Shame you for using a Rimac Concept Two.

This guide won’t…

  • Teach you how to tune cars properly for Drag racing.
  • Show you how to make op builds that get +500km/h (+310mph) under 2 seconds.
  • Show you the best makeup for RuPaul’s Drag Race.
  • Get you a love partner.


If you are like me and enjoy Drag Racing a lot, I’m 100% sure you were excited to see a Forza Horizon held in Mexico, problem is… They added very cool, long and neat runaways for players to unleash their whole car potential, but, what if you don’t want to unleash all your 1500 french buff horses produced by your Bugatti Chiron and instead want to roll race or go from a dig against VTEC Integras with big meaty spinny boys?

Well my friend, tag along, cus I’ve decided to not only “introduce” new players to the wonderful world of illegal 1320Video Drag Racing, but also, catalog the Best Roads of Mexico in attempts to bring an immersive experience for everyone.

Because sometimes, drag racing is not 10 cars lined up without any prep and staging roleplay.

Most spots are ideal for both digs and roll races, you’ll need a coordinated lobby to block NPCs for some, but the majority are pretty empty.

I won’t be teaching how to tune a car for Drag Racing, you’ll find better suited people over the internet and I won’t be dictating which car is better and which isn’t, I’m a huge advocate of racing whatever you like as long as it makes engine noises… I’m looking at you Rimac users.

I don’t condone illegal street racing, if you want to race, go to a proper track, use proper gear and safety measures, do not risk your own life (or others) for amusement, it’s not worth it.

You Probably Need This House

I big time suggest everyone to get this house asap, I believe it costs around 2,000,000Cr, but, it gives players the option to teleport anywhere in the map (sometimes a must for FH).

Drag Spec Volkswagen Beetle (El Vocho)

In case you’re unaware, this game features a fully built Drag Spec VW Beetle, but there’s a catch and no, it’s not buying it from the Auction House or waiting for Forzathon updates. Look at this beauty!

To unlock it, it’s fairly simple, only a bit time consuming (specially for the Baja photo chapter).

All you need to do is complete the El Vocho Storyline, offered by Alejandra early in the game.

Note that, you will need to finish building all Festival sites in order to unlock the Hall of Fame, required to unlock the last chapter of El Vocho (and every other storyline).

Your map of the festival need to look like this, in order to unlock the Hall of Fame.

After unlocking the Hall of Fame and wrapping up the last chapter of El Vocho, all you need to do is claim your new VW Beetle on your Accolades page, under the Stories tab.

Never impulse buy a car from the auction house.

I hope Playground add more Drag Spec cars…

Immersive “Illegal” Roads

The Baja Strip

On the middle of nowhere with bad tarmac and a sudden elevation chance by the end to help you slow down when you can’t pack chutes.

Booba Run

Clover Run

Your classic highway strip, good for roll racing, chose this part specifically due to it being near the Horizon Street Racing outpost, for fast travelling if you can’t afford the house.

Corn Field

I can’t think of a more “1320Video” strip than this one, yee yee brother, watchout for the corn!


Nothing screams “Risk it until you miss it” more than this one. You’ll need more people to block all entrances, unless you wanna pull a NFS Underground and crash into a van.

Dirt All Over

Very short, good for digs and slow cars… or not. I don’t know how I’ve came up with the name, but it sounds exactly how Jeremy Clarkson would’ve named it.

Flower Field

Very cool with flowers surrounding it.

La Locomotora (The Locomotive)

Really cool one, very remote and the train always passes by.

La Playa (The Beach)

Dig the tarmac, not the sand.

La Puente (The Bridge)

I highly suggest only rolling from this one, the traffic can get very annoying.

La Represa (The Dam)

My favorite and the road which sparked the idea for this guide.

La Jungla (The Jungle)

It’s a shame we can’t hear the monkeys howling.

Verde Perfecto (Perfect Green)

Big straight with very cool scenery surrounding it.

Paso Agrícola (Agricultural Pass)

If you run it reverse you can roleplay Hot Wheels and fly out of the map.

The Mountain Pass

Another short run, ideal for slow cars, but no one is saying you can’t run a 1500HP GTR on it…

Tierra Hermosa (Pretty Land)

Short run, pretty land.

A La Vista (The View)

One of my favorite short runs, the scenery is really cool and the road usually stays pretty empty.

La Hacienda (The Farm)

Aim for the finish line, not for the crops.

NHRA Would Approve This as a Drag Venue

This section has nothing of substance if I’m being completely honest, most players already know the existence of them, it’s hard to not notice the big white lines on the map…

The Airport

It’s hard to miss this one, it’s one of the main vocal points for FH5’s launch.

Pyramid Run

If you explored the map enough (enough to find one of the VIP houses), you probably found this one, it’s one of the coolest strips imo.

Festival Strip

Do I even need to explain this one? Just open the game, finish the tutorial and you’ll find it.

Full Map with Roads and Venues

Click the image to expand!

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