Forza Motorsport – Car Upgrading Guide

Official Car Upgrading Guide

Forza Motorsport Car Upgrading

We’ve taken a new approach to car upgrading and car building in Forza Motorsport as compared to Forza Horizon 5 or our previous Forza games.

Cars in the new Forza Motorsport are built not bought. New performance upgrades are unlocked as the car levels up, earning XP by driving through corners and overtaking race opponents. You’ll see the Car Level in the top right corner of the screen with a progression bar that shows how close your car is to the next level.

Cars you own can be levelled up anywhere in Forza Motorsport – the Builders Cup Career Mode, Featured Multiplayer, Free Play, Private Multiplayer, Rivals and Time Attack.

After every race, you will be shown the new parts you have unlocked for your car, and these can be installed ahead of the next event. Some upgrades are immediately available at Car Level 1, while others remain locked until you reach a higher level.

The required level to unlock each component will be shown on the in-game upgrades menu, and we’ve also listed them below:

Car Level 1 Upgrades: 

  • Exhaust 
  • Air Filter 
  • Restrictor Plate 
  • Intake Manifold and Throttle Body 
  • Oil and Cooling 
  • Brakes 
  • Chassis Reinforcement and Roll Cage 
  • Ballast 

Car Level 2 Upgrades: 

  • Front Tire Width 
  • Rear Tire Width 
  • Wheel Style 

Car Level 4 Upgrades: 

  • Front Anti-Roll Bars 
  • Rear Anti-Roll Bars 

Car Level 6 Upgrades: 

  • Flywheel 

Car Level 7 Upgrades: 

  • Clutch 

Car Level 8 Upgrades: 

  • Spring and Dampers 
  • Fuel System 

Car Level 9 Upgrades: 

  • Transmission 
  • Differential 

Car Level 10 Upgrades: 

  • Driveline 

Car Level 11 Upgrades: 

  • Ignition 
  • Tire Compound 

Car Level 12 Upgrades: 

  • Rear Wing 

Car Level 15 Upgrades: 

  • Front Bumper  
  • Rear Bumper 
  • Hood 
  • Side Skirts 

Car Level 20 Upgrades: 

  • Single Turbo 
  • Twin Turbo 
  • Aspiration Conversion 
  • Intercooler 
  • Weight Reduction 

Car Level 23 Upgrades: 

  • Camshaft 

Car Level 26 Upgrades: 

  • Valves 

Car Level 30 Upgrades: 

  • Displacement 

Car Level 35 Upgrades: 

  • Pistons and Compression 

Car Level 40 Upgrades: 

  • Engine Swap 

Car Level 45 Upgrades: 

  • Bodykit 

Car Level 50 Upgrades: 

  • Drivetrain Swap 

Each part includes a preview of what it does with a spider graph that demonstrates how it impacts the overall balance of the car.

Whenever you unlock new upgrades for a car, they will only be available to apply on that specific car. If you purchase another car – including a duplicate of the same car – it will need to be levelled up again.

Car Points are the resource used to install upgrades and are only earned through in-game progression. Each car starts with 300 Car Points so you can immediately begin upgrading it and you’ll earn more Car Points by driving and levelling up the car. You are not locked into any choice you make with your build as you can easily uninstall a part and regain those Car Points to use elsewhere.

Tuning options are unlocked based on the parts you have installed and allow you to dial in the granular details of your car’s performance. Forza Motorsport shows maximum speed per gear to help you balance between overall speed and acceleration when tuning the car.

This new approach to car building in Forza Motorsport gives players agency, adds tons of replay value and encourages experimentation. Because you aren’t spending credits on upgrades, you no longer are forced to decide between buying a cool new car or upgrading your existing car.

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