Gedonia – How to Become Invincible

This is a guide on how to become invincible in Gedonia. You will need access to the endgame armor sets to use this strategy.

Guide to Become Invincible

Step 1

Have at least 3 pieces of the crusher armor and the whirlwind ability which is under the ferocity tab of the skill tree. This is a melee ability that scales with melee damage so you will want equipment that boosts melee. If you have 3 pieces of crusher armor being worn, whirlwind will give you invincibility for 3 seconds when used.

Step 2

Buy stamina potions. Lots of them.

The whirlwind ability uses stamina when used so you will want a lot of stamina potions. You can buy medium ones from the market at Ertoron in the Endless Fields.

Step 3

Use a powerful (or not) melee weapon. I personally dual wield two King’s Swords, but you can use any melee weapon that you want.

You will need to use whirlwind as your main source of damage so I’d recommend upgrading its damage, and the stamina efficiency at the explorers camp if you can.

Step 4

When in battle, use the whirlwind ability against the enemies until you’re almost out of stamina, then use a stamina potion and repeat the process. This allows you to stay invincible and not take any damage against enemies that normally would deal tons of damage to you if you’re timing everything correctly.

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