Genshin Impact – A Starry Night, as Remembered / World Quest (Veluriyam Mirage)

A Starry Night, as Remembered (V3.8 Event Guide)



Event Quest Secret Summer Paradise: Part I – An Invitation From Afar!

[Jeroney will not spawn in the location if you haven’t fully completed Part I]


Quest Completion Rewards:

  • None from Menu
  • 1 Precious Chest


World Quest Location: Overgrown Valley, Veluriyam Mirage

Talk to Jeroney to trigger the World Quest.

Wait until night (19:00 – 05:00)

Go to the platform and take a photo of the night sky

After adjusting the time, go to the marked platform and press ‘Start Taking Photos’. You can immediately take the photo and it will count, as there’s no adjustments needed to be made.

World Quest Photo

Report back to Jeroney

Talk to Jeroney again to complete the World Quest and in turn spawn a Precious Chest.

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