Genshin Impact – In-depth Gameplay Overview: Klee

Klee is an on-field Pyro DPS and in this guide we’ll go over her best teams and artifacts, alongside some tips to improve her performance in your teams.

Klee Guide

Note: A Primogem next to a weapon indicates it being best in slot.

Weapons: When it comes to weapons, Klee is quite a flexible character, generally speaking, her best in slot weapon will be either Lost Prayer to the Sacred Wind or Kagura’s Verity depending on the rotation and team used, but with this being said, Skyward Atlas ia another great 5* weapon for her. When it comes to 4*s, Klee can use The Widsith, Dodoco Tales and Solar Pearl. It’s worth mentioning that The Widsith at refinement 5 can perform better than all other weapons mentioned.

Artifact Sets: Klee doesn’t have too many options when it comes to what sets she can use, but depending on the team, her best in slot set varies a bit:

Lavawalker(x4): This will be Klee’s best in slot set in teams where Pyro aura can be maintained on the enemy, an example of this would be Klee’s Monopyro team

Crimson Witch of Flames(x4): In contrast with Lavawalker, this set will be best in slot for Klee in teams where she can reliably proc reactions, an example of this would be Klee’s Vaporize team

Crimson Witch of Flames(x2)+ ATK%(x2): This is a generalist option that will work for Klee in any team you use her, it’s not far behind her x4 set options either

Team One: Monopyro

The core of this team is Klee-Bennett with the last two slots heavily suggested to filled by Kazuha and Xiangling. If you need a shielder, Zhongli can replace either of Kazuha or Xiangling, while keeping the other in the team, Sucrose also works as an option instead of Kazuha This generally leads to a pretty big damage loss, but it can be quite difficult to play Klee without a shielder

In this team your rotation should be:

  • Klee Normal Attack> Kazuha Elemental Skill, Plunge, Elemental Burst> Bennett Elemental Burst, Skill> Xiangling Elemental Burst, Skill> Kazuha Elemental Skill, Plunge> Klee Normal Attack, Elemental Burst, Normal attack, Elemental Skill> Klee (Normal Attack, Charge Attack)x5> Bennett Elemental Skill

Team Two: Vaporize

The core of this team is Klee-Xingqiu-Bennett and while someone like Kazuha is viable last slot, for this team we suggest you use Yelan as her Hydro application will help Klee Vaporize more often

In this team your rotation should be:

  • Xingqiu Elemental Skill, Burst, Normal Attack> Yelan Elemental Skill, Burst, Normal Attack> Bennett Normal Attack, Elemental Skill, Burst> Klee Elemental Skill, Burst> Klee (Normal Attack, Charge Attack) until Xingqiu’s Elemental Burst ends

Team Three: Reverse Melt

The core of this team is Klee-Rosaria-Bennett and it focuses on Klee applying Pyro for Rosaria to Melt her Elemental Burst. While Rosaria is a big part of the damage in this team, Klee is too, this means both of them should be built for damage. The last slot can be used by a lot of characters, but noteworthy ones would be Zhongli, Layla, Kazuha, Xiangling and Kaeya. One of the shielders could help with playing Klee, and a second Cryo could help with Rosaria’s energy

In this team your rotation should be:

  • Layla Elemental Burst, Skill> Bennett Elemental Skill, Burst> Rosaria Elemental Skill, Burst> Bennett Elemental Skill> Klee Elemental Skill, Burst> Klee (Normal Attack, Charge Attack)x4> Rosaria Elemental Skill> Bennett Elemental Skill

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