Genshin Impact – Yoimiya Guide (Character Infographic)

Character Infographic – Yoimiya


  • Thundering Pulse: Best weapon for Yoimiya. However, it requires to keep below 100% of energy for the full amount of buff, while Shimenawa 4pc requires energy to trigger the artifact effect which makes uncomfortable
  • Aqua Simulacra: Best weapon when you don’t have Thundering Pulse. You have to stay close to the opponents to trigger the weapon effect
  • Amos’ Bow: Recommend it if you don’t have the weapons above, and your Rust is r1-2
  • Skyward Harp: Decent weapon that gives crit rate% and crit damage%
  • Rust: Best weapon if you don’t have both Thundering Pulse and Aqua Simulacra. R5 Rust has a high performance as 5 star weapons, R1 Rust is decent too
  • Hamayumi: Craftable weapon that can be used if you don’t have any of these weapons


Echoes of an Offering 4Pc: BIS artifact for Yoimiya. The biggest advantage is that it does not require energy to trigger the weapon effect, which makes easier to use with Thundering Pulse.

However, high ping can reduce the DPS, and the artifact set that can be obtained with Offering set in the domain is useless which may not worth to spend resin in the Offering domain

Therefore, it is recommended for people who trying to build Yoimiya as end-game performance

Shimenawa’s Reminiscence 4Pc: Most popular artifact set for Yoimiya

It has high damage% buff and it does not have big DPS difference to Offering 4pc, you can also farm Emblem set which is useful,

However, it consumes energy to trigger the artifact effect

Crimson Witch of Flames 4Pc: Contrast to other pyro DPS, Yoimiya can’t trigger vaporize in every AA due to internal cooldown, which may not effective. But this artifact set is still decent

Retracing Bolide 4Pc: It’s not bad, but 2pc effect does not increase Yoimiya’s DPS, 4pc effect has less damage% than other artifact set, and its not worth to farm this artifact set

Desert Pavilion Chronicle 4Pc: Artifact set that gives attack speed and damage buff when you hit opponents with charged attac*

***s uncomfortable to hit them with charged attack in every rotation and wastes time, 2pc effect is useless for Yoimiya, but it’s decent artifact set if you don’t mind with using charged attack

Witch 2Pc + Shimenawa 2Pc: Recommend this set before you finish farming Offering 4Pc or Shimenawa 4Pc


Vaporize Team: Yoimiya / Yelan / Zhongli / Yunjin

  • Mostly recommended Yoimiya vaporize team
  • Zhongli+Yunjin gives geo resonance buff, Zhongli’s shield makes stable team and Yunjin’s AA damage buff and C6 provides attack speed buff
  • However if your Yunjin is not C6, Bennett would be better, and Kazuha is also good to use
  • Zhongli is very important for Yoimiya, but if you don’t have him, it’s fine to use other shields such as Baizhu and Layla
  • Yoimiya’s last shot of her AA has the highest damage%, so it’s important to not get interrupted or use sprint during her AA, so it’s recommended to use shield
  • You can use Yoimiya’s elemental burst in the beginning of rotation if both your Zhongli and Yunjin are using Favonius Lance
  • Yelan can be replaced with Xingqiu

Burgen Team: Yoimiya / Yelan / Zhongli / Nahida

  • Best Burgeon team for Yoimiya
  • Yelan and Nahida trigger bloom, and Yoimiya triggers burgeon
  • Nahida provides EM buff to Yoimiya when you use Nahida’s burst
  • This team has lower dps than vaporize team, but it can be more fun to use
  • However, Yoimiya’s pyro attack is usually based on her single target AA which makes difficult to trigger burgeon
  • Yoimiya’s elemental burst can be used to trigger burgeon

F2P Team: Yoimiya / Xingqiu / Layla / Bennett

  • 4 stars team for Yoimiya
  • Layla has shorter shield duration than Zhongli or Baizhu, so use her after using Xingqiu and Bennett in the rotation


  • If you only care about her performance, you may feel her performance is underwhelming especially for C0
  • However, she is easy to use compared to other pyro dps (e.g does not require motion cancel such as Hutao and Klee)
  • She has a good performance against single opponent, but isn’t good against multi-opponents

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