Genshin Impact – Melt You Down Like Ice Cream Guide (Easy Achievement)

How to Get Melt You Down Like Ice Cream Achievement

Hello everyone, here is another easy achievement to obtain in the new Domain Event.

This basic room can be done in 3 seconds, simple but does what it needs.

  • ID Code Server EU: 13627131274
  • ID Code Server Asia: 13747850769
  • ID Code Server NA: 13508512746

In the event page, pick: “Custom Domains”:

In the next page:

  • Paste the Domain ID provided above.
  • Click: “Search Domain”.

In this page there is a recap of the domain, go to: “Challenge Domain”.

In the party setup page of the trial characters, select Kazuha, then press “Start”.

You will only need him.

This how the Domain looks: “Start Challenge”.

Get inside the slimes group and use his “Skill”.

That’s it, that should do the trick and the achievement is all yours.

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