Ghost Watchers – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the game cost money, if so how much?

  • The game will cost money but haven’t deciced yet on how much. It will be around 15 to 20 euro’s.

When will the release be?

  • 28th of July EA.

Can I get a key for EA?

  • You will be notified in the Discord community when it’s ready.

How many ghosts will there be in the start of EA?

  • 7 unique ghosts.

How many tools for protection and hunting will there be?

  • 20 tools / items.

How many maps will there be in the EA?

  • 3 maps (Locations).

Are there stories connected to the ghosts?

  • Yes, there are stories. Unique ones to each ghost.

Will there be a VR feature in the future?

  • We are thinking about it but that will take a while. Lets see how it goes first.

How many people are working at the game Ghost Watchers?

  • About 10 people are working on the game.

How many players can be in a party and play together?

  • 4 max players can party up and play together.

Will there be Easter Eggs in this game?

  • Yes, there will be. References.

What inspired you to create this game?

  • Phasmophobia really inspired us to create something similar but more unique and scary.
  • Focused on graphics and quality, the gameplay feeling with the intensity, deeply sound effects and way more.

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