God of War – How to Fix Xbox Button Prompts Appearing when Using Dualsense Controller

A guide on how to fix the issue of Xbox button prompts appearing when using a Dualsense (PS5) controller while also using the controller wirelessly.

Connecting Your Controller with a USB Cable

Simply connecting your controller with a usb cable and disabling steam input should fix the issue and show the correct prompts.

The problem is that you can’t use the controller wirelessly but don’t worry my next fix should fix that aswell.

Using Ds4Windows

To make it so you have playstation button prompts while using your Dualsense controller wirelesly is download a program called Ds4windows.

After downloading the program and making sure your controller is connected to it go into edit like in this image.

Then from there go to other and make sure the emulated controller is a Dualshock 4 controller and not an Xbox 360 controller apply the changes and save.

Make sure steam input is disabled and go in game!

Doing this fixed my issues hopefully it did for you aswell!

Written by Celltastic


  1. Adaptive triggers can’t be set in Steam controller menu, how do you suppose to get them in game? Besides, as far as I know, there is no adaptive trigger support in PS5 version of the game, so we only have to wait and hope.

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