Gunfire Reborn – Qing Yan’s Tiger Cannon Spam Build

Guide to Qing Yan’s Tiger Cannon Spam Build

How Does This Build Work?

It’s quite simple, you basically have 4-8 rocket shots in the price of one.

And you make sure to make the most of it.

Important note: This build, of course, won’t work every time but in my expirience it’s quite consistent, and definetly more fun and stronger than cleave build.

Everything You Need to Know

Weapons: Tiger Cannon, duh

Go for RoF, Reload Speed and AoE inscriptions.

Hail of Bullets is the most important skill, without it you can’t make this work.

Because you will use only special ammo, which is limited, Ammo Scrolls will prove very handy.

Go-To is Improved Clip, enhanced if you can.

Almost Essential Skills

First, you need trash aoe dmg.

Victory rush will surely be useful, doncha’ think?

Offence is the best defence, so for survivability you will use those two skills:

And vs. bosses you will need to use cleave every shot so you can maximize your dmg:

What Now?

Now that you are slowly becoming 80 lvl Gaige with nortfleet and sham, you just need to stack your:

  • Movement speed: practically everything with ms is good for you.
  • Ammo capacity: you don’t want to be caught without ammo.

And most importantly: Upgrade your cannon every time you can, give your soul for gold, take every scroll that gives you more gold.

You neeed those levels to go up, every stage is basically a stat check.

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