Lust Goddess – Choose a Merc Event Guide (Roadmap, Requirements and Speculation)

This event occurs every 2 weeks & cycles through faction Freemen > Syndicate > Peacekeepers > Freemen (same as the 3 Mercs event that comes after).

Ultimate Guide to Choose a Merc Event


At the start of the event, select a single mercenary from the given faction

  • This choice is final & cannot be altered throughout the event.
  • You can choose a mercenary, whether you have unlocked it or not. This is a good opportunity to unlock some of the more exclusive mercenaries.
  • Either build up points on a mercenary you own or unlock a new one (by-passes normal unlock conditions).
  • Picking a mercenary whose lower rarities are hard to unlock (&you do not yet own) can make them harder to unlock later on as they are required to access the Modification feature.

Complete the roadmap tasks to collect Blue Token

  • Progress is counted towards all tasks, even those you have yet to unlock (Only holds true for this event).

Spend your Blue Token to spin the roulette & acquire points for your selected mercenary

  • You will get bonus points when you reach certain roll thresholds. These need to be collected manually.

After 3 days, the event ends: the roadmap disappears entirely

  • You then get 1 more day (rewards phase) to spend leftover Blue Token on the roulette or *** for more.
  • Points acquired in the rewards phase still count towards the Leaderboards ranking.
  • Leaderboards ranking rewards are awarded upon refreshing your game (might take multiple refreshes) after the rewards phase has run out.

Current speculation has the next Syndicate 3 merc event (after the Syndicate choose a merc) being Lorraine (new), Beck & Regina.

This not confirmed, so take it upon yourselves whether or not to factor this into your Choose a Merc choice.

Dropping Leagues / De-Ranking

Dropping Leagues before the start of the event will reduce the requirements on scaling tasks. The roulette rewards always scale to your max league (of all time, not just this season).

If you plan to do so:

  • You must drop your leagues before the start of the event.
  • You need to log in in the hour right before the event starts (restart your game in that hour if it was already open).
  • League 22 will get you the lowest requirements, capping out at 14k merc points needed for the final lower branch task.
    • Deranking all the way to L22 is only relevant if you plan on completing the roadmap. But even if you don’t dropping just a few leagues will still make the scaling tasks you do go for easier.
  • The fastest way being to surrender fights til you hit your target League.
  • This does not always work. It is mostly confirmed for Nutaku players.
  • This is the only event where dropping leagues will have any effect. Do not even consider it for any other event.

Blue Token Sources

  • Roadmap: up to 90/110/135/160 Blue Token for 1/5/10/15 recruitments done during the event
  • Deals:
    • Unavailable atm (Free 5 Blue Token, daily (5day long event))
    • 300 Emerix for 10 Blue Token, 1 available
    • Credit card for all the other bundles
  • Roulette: 5% chance for a 20 Blue Token drop on each spin

Choose a Merc Roadmap

Click “Open in browser” for a proper full-screen view.


Confirmed drop rates for each distinct drop:

The number of identical slots does not matter, this is per distinct drop

  • 50% – Selected Mercenary Points
    • 27% – lowest amount of Points
    • 15% – 2nd lowest amount of Points
    • 6% – 3rd lowest amount of Points
    • 1.2% – 3rd highest amount of Points
    • 0.6% – 2nd highest amount of Points
    • 0.2% – highest amount of Points
  • 15% – Credits
    • 10% – lower Credits amount
    • 5% – higher Credits amount
  • 10% – 2 MicroChips
  • 10% – 100 Emerix
  • 5% – 20 Blue Token
  • 5% – for super serum

Roulette scaling at different leagues

Click “Open in browser” for a proper full-screen view.

Who to Pick?

There is not a single correct answer as to which mercenary one should choose for this event.

Pick whichever mercenary best fits your team, or your waifu/husbando if you just want to flesh out your collection.

Some mercenaries might also be harder to upgrade as you may not have their other rarities unlocked. You may want to check those in your collection as well as unlock requirements in Squad > Gallery.

Find the 3 faction tier lists below.

This does not mean the other picks are to be avoided at all costs. The final choice belongs to you.

Freemen Tier List

  • S: Salma
  • S/A: Ivy, Trixie
  • A: Zara
  • A/B: Rose
  • B: Billie, Skye
  • C: N/A
  • D: Hannah, Kayya, Nymeria
  • F: Wayne

Syndicate Tier List

  • S: N/A
  • S/A: N/A
  • A: Ariane, O-Rinn, Beck, Scarlet
  • A/B:Regina
  • B: Faye
  • C: Sunmi, Madeleine, Eve, Amy
  • D: N/A
  • F: N/A

Peacekeeper Tier List

  • S: Kitty, Harper
  • S/A: Sharon
  • A: Florence, Lola
  • A/B: Bloom, Korben
  • B: Ginny, Leta
  • C: Natasha, Yumiko
  • D: Dominica, Kira
  • F: Luther

Upcoming 3 Mercs Speculation

The 3 Mercs event will give access to the legendary, epic & rare versions of all 3 featured mercenaries. The bold one in the following list also has a chat & a collection scene.

This may impact your chosen mercenary, whether you decide to get a 3 Mercs mercenary ahead of time or avoid that to widen your collection.

The following list is purely player speculation based on patterns & the past SFW released events. This has not been confirmed by staff (unless someone teased the next event).

  • May 31 – Freemen – New Freeman Mercenary (new), two out of [Hannah, Wayne, Trixie]
  • Jun 14 – Syndicate – Lilith (new), Amy, Faye
  • Jun 28 – Peacekeepers – New Peacekeeper Mercenary (new), 2 out of [Bloom, Florence, Korben, Luther, Dominica]
  • Jul 12 – Freemen – Lucretia (new), Skye, Kayya
  • Jul 26 – Syndicate – New Syndicate Mercenary (new), Madeleine, +1
  • Aug 9 – Peacekeepers – Omega (new), Ginny, Yumiko
  • Aug 23 – Freemen – New Freeman Mercenary (new), +2
  • Sep 6 – Syndicate – Bea (new), Sunmi, Eve
  • Sep 20 – Peacekeepers – New Peacekeeper Mercenary (new), +2
  • Oct 4 – Freemen – Wendy (new), Zara, Kayya
  • Oct 18 – Syndicate – New Syndicate Mercenary (new), +2
  • Nov 1 – Peacekeepers – Nicole (new), Natasha, Kitty
  • Nov 15 – Freemen – New Freeman Mercenary (new), +2
  • Nov 29 – Syndicate – Belle (new), Sunmi, Eve
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