Halls of Torment – Hitting Potion Cap Quickly

This short and simple guide will highlight the most efficient process of maxing out your potions’ caps.

Guide to Hitting Potion Cap Quickly


Go to stage 1, rush scroll, kill elite, well, and return.

Class Selection

  • Sorceress > Warlock > Archer
  • 5.6m/s base speed > 5m/s with homing auto > 5m/s max range

Item Selection

These items will allow for a faster run:

  • Gatherer’s Charm
  • Runner Shoes
  • Longfinger Gloves
  • Guiding Star
  • Movespeed = Fast af.
  • Pickup range = level better on the move.


With your loadout equipped, enter the first hall.

And go straight down for the ability scroll, killing enemies as you go and leveling your Movement Speed, Pickup Range, and Damage.

This scroll is always protected by an elite enemy, which always drops a chest containing a potion bottle.

Race back to the Well and retrieve your bottle.

Then select “Return to Camp” in the Quit menu.

And you’re done!

Simply purchase the bottle from the wellkeeper and repeat as many times as necessary.

Unlocking Potions

Wearing your gatherer’s charm, follow the green indicator arrows on the skull icon to the ingredients on the map.

When you’ve collected them all, simply return to camp.

Each hall has unique ingredients, so visit them all to unlock all of the potion types.

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