Halo Infinite – All Multiplayer Skins Locations

Learn where to find the Halo Infinite armour skins, weapon and vehicle coatings, and other cosmetic items for multiplayer in the campaign mode.

Guide to Skins Locations (Multiplayer in Campaign Mode)

Skin Locations

All of the armour coatings available in the campaign are for the MKVII armour. These colours do not carry over to other armour styles. Here are all ten Halo Infinite multiplayer skin locations:

  • Obelisk Stone – Outpost Tremonius near the landing pad.
  • Shadow Sorel – northwest of FOB Delta.
  • Crimson Vettel – in the lake southeast of Outpost Tremonius.
  • Banished Deception – on the cliff northwest of FOB Bravo.
  • Dogfight Makovich – southeast of Excavation Site on the cliff.
  • Blood Shadow – west of Foxhound Squad.
  • Wild Kovan – southeast of Foxhound Squad.
  • Shadow Sorel – in the northern part of the area close to FOB Delta, near an alcove in the cliffs.
  • Midnight Griffin – southwest of The Tower.
  • Scorpion Horvath – near the edge of the map southwest of the Tower.

Weapon Skin Locations

There are also weapon skins available with the Warmaster’s Prize coating range, though they are limited to human weapons. Here are all five Halo Infinite weapon skin locations:

  • Warmaster’s Prize M41 SPNKr coating – north of FOB Alpha.
  • Warmaster’s Prize Battle Rifle coating – south of the western gun battery.
  • Warmaster’s Prize Bulldog coating – west of Bluebell Squad.
  • Warmaster’s Prize Assault Rifle coating – north of FOB Juliet.
  • Warmaster’s Prize Commando Rifle coating – southeast of FOB Lima.

Vehicle Skin Locations

With the Banished Deception coating range, you can also give vehicles a new look. Here are all six Halo Infinite vehicle skin locations:

  • Banished Deception Ridgeback coating – south of FOB Echo.
  • Banished Deception Warthog coating – on the cliffs southwest of the southwest beacon. It’s quite high up, so you may need Grappleshot upgrades or a flying vehicle.
  • Banished Deception Mongoose coating – north of the southwest beacon.
  • Banished Deception Rockethog coating – southeast of FOB Juliet.
  • Banished Deception Scorpion coating – southwest of the Riven Gate.
  • Banished Deception Gungoose coating – on top of the cliff north of Riven Gate.

Emblems, Nameplates, Charms and Stance Locations

Finally, here are all 13 of the other Halo Infinite Mjolnir Armory locations:

  • Banished armor emblem – east of FOB Bravo.
  • Banished nameplate – west of Excavation Site.
  • Banished weapon charm – south of Lancer Squad.
  • Banished weapon emblem – north of Bluebell Squad.
  • Windfall armor emblem – east of FOB Foxtrot.
  • Windfall nameplate – northwest of Riven Gate.
  • Dogtags weapon charm – southeast of FOB November.
  • Olympic stance – south of FOB Foxtrot.
  • Infinity nameplate – just outside the entrance to the base guarding the first Spire.
  • Infinity armor emblem – northwest of FOB Hotel.
  • Griffin weapon emblem – southeast of FOB Kilo, near the cliff edge.
  • Griffin armor emblem – southeast of Barroth HVT bounty.
  • Griffin nameplate – north of FOB November.
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