Hard West 2 – How to Win the First Chase? (Chapter 1 Optional Objective)

Guide to Win the First Chase


You have to follow the bandits and kill the 7 of them in 2 turns. They have 10-15 life each and you cna only get 25% chance on each of them the first turn. No abilities can be used, since you’re chasing on horse, neither are they grouped to be dinamited…

But there some solutions to complete. Read below.


  • You can get 75% CTH on them without using luck.
  • Have Flynn with 4 loyalty so she can get extra 25% CTH.
  • Have someone with a shotgun and target multiple dude with a single attack.
  • Give Gin enough cards to make him get luck on on kills and let him kill.
  • Last but not the least – get lucky! Hopefully the enemies will hit a posse member who isn’t Flynn giving him/her luck.

Bonus Tips

Shotguns for the win, extra points if you give Deer the perk that gives +1 shotgun damage. He can then do some impressive shotgun chains with a little a assistance.

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