Hard West 2 – Train Job Achievement Guide

This guide might not be the most optimal but this is how I got it on Hard.

How to Obtain Train Job Achievement (Hard Mode)


  • Deer (loot the locker).
  • Flynn (take over the train w/ Gin).


  • Deer – pair card (I used Jack of Diamonds and Clubs).
  • Flynn – atleast a +2 speed card or trinket.
  • Gin – Blue Dynamite and remaining + speed trinket & cards.

Looting the Locker

Dismount Deer at the back of the starting carriage next to the ladder to the roof of the carriage behind (should cost 1 AP). Use his Wild Run to kill the nearest sharpshooter on the roof then kill the other sharpshooter. Then have him run straight to the locker and interact/loot it.

Taking Over the Train

Dismount and move Flynn to the 2nd carriage ahead of the starting carriage next to a ricochet target. Shadow Swap Gin then move him near the group of 4 bandits located behind the coal cart (2 AP) then use the Blue Dynamite which should kill 2 sharpshooters. Then with the bravado, have him go straight to the lever to interact.

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  1. excellent guide
    this is also the easiest way to get “bring a knife to a gunfight” achievement, i think

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