Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix+ – Music Video Mode Controls

Quick overview of the controls in the Music Video mode, specifically how to turn off the Japanese romanji subtitles.

Controls for Music Video Mode


Press the ‘T’ key three (3) times to toggle subtitles on and off.

Getting to Music Video Mode

If you want to just watch the music videos without playing the game:

  • At the title screen select Rhythm Game.
  • Select the song you want to watch.
  • Use the arrows to change Start Rhythm Game to Start Music Video.

Toggling Subtitles

By default the video will show romanji, the English character version of Japanese words.

To turn subtitles off, press the ‘T’ key three (3) times:

  • The first time brings up control tips.
  • The second time brings up a second list of controls.
  • The third time hides the control tips again.

At this point the romanji subtitles will be hidden.

Pressing ‘T’ three times again will toggle the subtitles back on.

Other Music Video Controls

  • Enter or left-mouse click to pause/unpause.
  • 1+3 at the same time brings up a sticker mode.
  • Esc toggles stickers on and off.
  • F2 to bring up the menu if you want to exit (interestingly this has no effect while the video is paused).
  • F12 to take Steam screenshots (assuming you haven’t changed your default Steam mappings).


If you want to watch a clean version of the video from start to finish, press Enter to pause the game right at the start, press T three times to turn off subtitles, then press Enter again to play the video.

Another option is to turn off the subtitles by pressing T three times, then hit F2 for the menu and then click Retry to start the video back over from the start.

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