HELLDIVERS 2 – Field Manual for the FAF-14 SPEAR

The FAF-14 is one of the most rewarding weapon in the game due to it being able to heavily damage or even kill any heavy/elite targets and even some structures. This guide will walk you trough the basics.

FAF-14 SPEAR Guide


The FAF-14 Spear is a lock-on missile launcher with a backpack. It does not lock onto light to medium targets, but it shouldn’t, since it’s ammo can be limited.

The only way to recover ammo is trough resupply packs, including the supply backpack, so if either of these options are limited, ammo conservation is critical. In some cases, ordering in a fresh launcher may be beter than eating up an entire supply pack, since only ONE missile is replenished per box.

Actually Using It

The missile uses a fire-and-forget system, meaning you don’t have to hold the lock. That said, actually locking onto your target can proove to be difficult, since you need a clear line of sight.

I cannon emphasis it enough. Any smoke, dust, other enemies and even FOG can obscure the lock-on process thus it’s usage can be extremely difficult on certain planets with ambient fog.

I recommend getting a vantage point, such as a rock or a building for more consistent usage, otherwise get closer to the target.

Speaking of range! The minimum range is 20 meters 30 for chargers. if you try to use it while you’re closer, you’re gonna miss, due to the launcher firing slightly upwards.


To be blunt, it’s good.

It can one-shot cargers if you hit their front (head) and can consistently take out Hulks both from the front and the back. You can also lock onto tanks and bile giants to severely damage them.

The Spear can also lock onto bot fabricators and instantly destroy them from any side and up to 100 meters, meaning you can take out several outposts with a full backpack. However, due to the limited ammo, try to resort to this strategy only if:

  • You’re desperate.
  • Ammo is plentiful thanks to someone bringing a supply backpack.


The FAF-14 Spear is a rewarding, but situational and sometimes (depending on the planet/enviroment) difficult to use. Only one Helldiver is enough to operate it and it can function as the main AT weapon of the squad.

Bringing an autocannon is still recomended to deal with medium enemies and an additional AT strategem (110MM rocket pods, orbital railcannon strike ect) as a backup so you’re still covered while resupplying.

Now go and spread prosperity and managed democracy, Helldiver.

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