Hogwarts Legacy – All Demiguise Statue Locations

There are 30 in total. Note: To get them you must be at night.

Locations of All 30 Demiguise Statues

All credit goes to menTaz!


This guide can be consulted in 2 ways, both in video and images.

All Locations

South Hogwarts Region – Lower Hogsfield Demiguise Statue

South Hogwarts Region – Aranshire

Hogwarts Valley – Keenbridge Demiguise Statue

Hogwarts Valley – Brocburrow

North Ford Bog – Pitt-Upon-Ford

Feldcroft Region – Irondale

Hogwarts – The South Wing

Hogwarts – The Great Hall

Hogwarts – Divination Classroom

Hogwarts – Potions Classroom

Hogwarts – Central Hall

Hogwarts – Beasts Classroom

Hogwarts – The Bell Tower Wing – Hogwarts North Exit

Hogwarts – The Astronomy Wing 1 (start in bell tower wing)

Hogwarts – The Astronomy Wing 2

Hogwarts – The Astronomy Wing 3

Hogsmeade Valley – Upper Hogsfield

Hogsmeade 1 – Tomes And Scrolls

Hogsmeade 2

Hogsmeade 3 – Hog’s Head

Hogsmeade 4

Hogsmeade 5 – The Three Broomsticks

Hogsmeade 6

Hogsmeade 7 – Dervish And Banges

Hogsmeade 8

Hogsmeade 9

Feldcroft Region – Feldcroft

Marunweem Lake – Marunweem

Manor Cape – Bainburgh

Cragcroftshire – Cragcroft

Complete Video 30/30

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