Hogwarts Legacy – How to Make the HUD More Digest and Less Invasive

Some Tips to Make the HUD More Digest and Less Invasive

I think the game HUD is too invasive, something displaying twice or more the same info (why would I need some floaty icon showing where I need to go + the icon on the mini map + the dot + the spell ????)

In the User Interface settings turn off Show HUD Tracking Icons, this will remove the floaty icon that show where your objective is, no need to have this since the minimap already show the location and you have a spell crafted just for this.

Also remove the option for showing the quest on screen, it take space on top of the minimap for nothing since you can just see the quest in the quest menu.

in the accessibility menu, you can remove the dot from the minimap, again, why would one need this when there’s a spell that show you the way to your location, only when you need and WANT it to be displayed, also it’s much more cool and immersive than looking at an icon or at a minimap.

Hopefully they’ll update the game with a dynamic HUD.

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