Hogwarts Legacy – Arithmancy Door Locations

On your way through Hogwarts you probably came across some Arithmancy doors. Here’s a very simple guide to finding and solving them!

The Numbers… What Do They Mean?

It’s very easy! They go from 0 to 9 starting from the left side.

When you interact with the door it shows you two simple math problems:

Somewhere close are two blocks in the wall. You can interact with them to “roll” different pictures. The ? block corresponds to the upper one, the ?? block to the lower one. You can also see this when looking at the alignment of the triangles.

The numbers on the corners of the triangles need to add up to the numbers in the middle.

There’s no sound cue for the right solution, so once you are done just go back to the door and open it.

All Doors

There are 12 doors in total, they are named after the nearest Floo point.

Greem Circle: Floo Point

Yellow/Orange Circle: ? and ?? blocks

Astronomy Wing (2 Doors, 1 Locked)

1. Charms Classroom

2. Transfiguration Classroom

Requires Alohomora!

Still locked for me, coming soon!

The Grand Staircase (3 Doors)

1. Grand Staircase

The ?? block is directly next to the Floo point, the door and the ? block are up the stairs

2. Grand Staircase

Go up the Spiral staircase until you reach the door. ?? is right across from the door on the middle column.

3. Ravenclaw Common Room

The Great Hall (1 Door)

1. Great Hall

Library Annex (5 Doors, 1 Locked)

1. Divination Classrom

2. & 3. Divination Classrom

After heading through door six and following the corridor you get to the Arithmancy classroom, which has two doors in it.

4. Potions Classroom

5. Potions Classroom

Requires Alohomora!

Locked behind Door, coming soon

South Wing (1 Door, 1 Locked)

1. Faculty Tower

Requires quest!


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