Honkai: Star Rail – Moment of Joy Achievement Guide

How to Get the Moment of Joy Achievement

Team Setup

It Takes Three

Win a battle with a team that has 3 characters of the same Path.

Only Preservation and Abundance Path won’t achieve this in this version.

Example: The Hunt Team, you could also use Seele, the 4th slot can be filled.


Win a battle with a team that has 3 characters of the same Type

Only Imaginary and Quantum characters won’t achieve this in this version

Example: Physical Team, you could also use Clara, the 4th slot can be filled.

Lone Wolf

Win 10 battles with only one character

Using Herta(AoE), or Seele(repeat turn upon enemy death once), or Sushang(Technique and Ult advance turn) would be best for this

Fighting Antibaryons or Frostspawns will be the easiest way to clear this

Example: Only Herta in team.

One Big Happy Family

Win a battle with Welt, Himeko, Dan Heng, and March 7th in one team.

Dan Heng, Himeko, Welt, March 7th

Architects (And Former Architects)

Win a battle with Bronya, Gepard, Pela, and Serval in one team

Bronya, Gepard, Serval, and Pela

Item Inclusive


Drink Vomit Inducing Agent

Below is where you can get 5 achievements in one go if you want don’t want to waste consumables.

Tip for these Achievements: Morituri Te Salutant, Extreme Survival, All Men Must Die, One on One, Insatiable.

Could do these all in one go. You may have a hard time on All Men Must Die Achievement, but you could just wait for higher Equilibrium level(preferably 2 or higher) for these so monsters can 1 hit your character.

  1. Off The Automatic Heal Of Space Anchor
  2. Bring a level 1 character and fight a formidable boss or the ones you sure hit hard. (Brought mine to fight stagnant shadow and let it kill my lv 1 in one go.) All Men Must Die Achievement
  3. Try to hit the the boss slowly until it is halfway dead, you should be sure you can do it alone with the character you plan to leave alive. (Used an Ice type here and tried to freeze the boss) One on One Achievement
  4. Let the character you left alive drink the VOMIT INDUCING AGENT. Insatiable Achievement
  5. Use Simple First-Aid Devices on the 3 dead characters.
  6. Go to the easiest monster to kill. I prefer the Baryon or Antibaryon from Herta Space Station. Use a Technique to kill off some or break their shields. Morituri Te Salutant Achievement and Extreme Survival Achievement
  7. On The Automatic Heal Of Space Anchor. In case you forget…

Vomit Inducing Agent can be synthesized in the Omni-synthesizer

Trashy Humor

Use Trash to synthesize consumable 10 times

List of known recipes that use Trash as an ingredient

Karmic Wheel

Use up your Praise of High Morals


Obtain Praise of High Morals 20 times

Exploration Inclusive

Diogenes’ Utopia

Obtain every useful prop in the trash cans

Story Inclusive

Hot-Blooded Trailblazer

Choose hot-blooded dialogue 5 times

Pessimistic Trailblazer

Choose pessimistic dialogue 5 times

Apologetic Trailblazer

Choose apologetic dialogue 5 times

Silent Trailblazer

Choose silent dialogue option 5 times

The Echoer

Choose repetitive dialogue 3 times

The Meaning of Choice

Choose gender-specific dialogue 3 times

Log In

Earth Week

Log in 7 days in a row

Earth Month

Log in for a total of 30 days

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