Honkai: Star Rail – How to Link Your Google Account (The Fix)

How to Fix

When you first start playing Honkai: Star Rail on your phone you might login using your google account. But when you later want to play on your pc you might encounter the problem that there is no login with google account option. I’ve had this problem myself…

Luckly there is a simple fix.

Start your game on your moblie device and make sure your loged in to your Google account!

Then open up the phone (menu) in your game. click on the gear to open up your options menu.

Once you open up your options you can see a lot of tabs on the left side of the screen. Click on the little pasport icon to open up the account seting tab.

Click on the bar that says user center this opens up a different screen.

In this screen you can link your account to a hoyo account! You’ve now successfully linked your account and are ready to play on your pc. (Pleas note any progress made on PC or phone is linked, this means where you left of on your phone will be were you start on pc and vice verca.)

Enjoy your Honkai: Star Rail adventure!

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