Honkai: Star Rail – Synergy: Different Strategies, Different Teams (Tips and Tricks on Team Building)

Hyper Carry

(Focused on damage dealer e.g. Seele)

Example team: Seele, Tingyun, Welt, Bailu (moderate Skill Point, SP consumption)

Pros and Cons: Resource management and allocation is easier as you’re focused on building a character heavily, while the rest requires a less heavy investment to still have satisfactory results ; When hypercarry is down for a number of reasons (crowd control debuffs, accidentally killed) the team may struggle to deal sufficient damage.

Extra Note: In this case Bailu comes in handy with her revive, but there’s a flaw, she’s unable to use her passive to revive a downed character if she is under any form of crowd control debuffs, Frozen, Entanglement, Svarog’s Oppressive Embrace all limit her actions and prevents her from saving her teammates during crucial moments, which you can opt for Natasha over Bailu, but Seele faces the risk of being accidentally KOed, with means the foundation of the strategy will collapse, Bailu can come to save the day.


(Example composition: Hunt, Erudition, Harmony/Nihility and Abundance/Preservation is present on the team, aka the most F2P friendly team)

Example Team: Dan Heng, Serval, Natasha, Trailblazer

(Proper SP management is a must)

Pros and Cons: This is the easiest team composition to adopt, and doesn’t require heavy strategising, which is fantastic for beginners ; Synergy may be poorer than dedicated team niches, which is the best strategy (character synergies) in my opinion, with limited characters to choose from currently it still does its job nicely, aside from increased SP consumption to deal more damage overall.

Extra Note: With more updates there’ll be better team combos, so for players who have chosen to revolve their strategy around certain characters they’ll have a much easier time when it comes to deciding their options in the future.


(Example composition: Main damage dealer, Sub-DPS (Destruction), Harmony/Nihility, Abundance)

Example Team: Seele, Tingyun, Clara, Bailu

(Proper SP management is recommended)

Pros and Cons: Having 2 damage dealers is always better than one, AoE helps main damage dealer to finish off enemies faster ; slightly similar to Balanced Teams, Clara acts as a AoE damage dealer to synergise with Seele, so that may put more stress on the SP bar.

Extra Note: In this team composition Clara synergises with Seele quite well as she have an AoE skill to chip off HP from enemies for an easy picking for Seele, triggering her talent and increase her damage output, while being a Meat Shield as well, protecting Seele and squishy characters from harm, Clara is more suited to a semi-defensive build (instead of full-defensive to act as the T A N K) in this case, as Bailu can heal her up easily when necessary, also, another reason Clara is better off building more defensively is to prevent accidental killing of enemy mobs, which applies for teams revolving around Seele, and to reduce stress on the healer, saving SP.

DoT (Damage Over Time)

(Example composition: Main DoT, DoT support, Erudition, Abundance)

Example team: Kafka, Silverwolf, Serval, Bailu

(Proper SP management is recommended)

Pros and Cons: This team handles enemy spawns easily, which Hunt characters may waste their action on singular targets one at a time (getting bombed by the robotic arms isn’t exactly the best feeling), everything adds up accumulatively so it’s a good team to handle certain situations (very good against bosses like Grizzly and Frigid Prowler) ; Damage may seem ‘lower’ than other team compositions (Serval’s damage against singular targets is minimal), some players don’t prefer this strategy because they like to “Hunt All The Way”.

Extra Note: This team is really powerful when you manage to pull it off, but you need more specific characters to achieve a better team synergy, which may be too costly for F2P players.

Bonus: Synergy Teams

Explanation: The term ‘same same but different’ suits this strategy well, what I meant by synergy teams is that this is the ‘essence’ that build the foundation for building a team.

Some players may have rolled for certain characters that they like, however, synergy is the most important factor and should be considered before taking team composition and team strategy into account.

Example of some of the greatest combos:

  1. Seele + Bronya (maximise damage by increasing number of actions from Seele)
  2. Tingyun + Jing Yuan (Benediction boost Lighting Lord’s damage greatly and helps Jing Yuan achieve more stacks faster with her Ultimate)
  3. Dan Heng + Welt (Dan Heng deals more damage to slowed enemies, his Ult is devastating when Welt paves the way for him)
  4. Yanqing + Gepard (Yanqing is less likely to be attacked when Soulsteel Sync is activated, Gepard has high taunt value: 150 and has increased chance of being attacked, Moment of Victory Light cone increases it further, Gepard can freeze enemy easily, paired with Yanqing E1, he deals an additional damage to frozen enemies, which dramatically boosts his damage output)


There are many things to consider aside from just the characters alone, some characters just don’t synergise well with each other, for example, Seele and Jing Yuan (he may accidentally KO an enemy mob that can help Seele enter buffed state and recharge her energy faster), Clara and Gepard/Trailblazer (Clara misses out on her damage output with characters with High Taunt Value at her side).

Relics+Characters+Light Cones make a difference as well, adapt according to your own circumstances to make the most out of your advantages and amend shortcomings (with Sleep Like The Dead, Yanqing can focus on Crit DMG over Crit Rate, which means he can trade a relic slot for Crit Rate).

Speed mechanics+Light Cones+Relics (sometimes a double-edged sword) make a whole lot of difference and can be a game changer (for example, when Tingyun equips Sprightly Vonwacq and/or have characters that have mechanics to boost their own speed, as the number of turns increases some characters with exceptionally high speed may miss the damage boost from Tingyun, which means she has to use Benediction ahead of the 3 turns to provide damage boost, increasing SP consumption).

Tingyun’s speed is 121, lower than Seele, who have 136 total speed

Sprightly Vonwacq advances a character action considerably at the beginning of the battle

Seele’s speed is 136 and goes higher in a buffed state

Tingyun is slower than Seele, yet because of her relic, she moves faster temporarily

Advanced Note: After the first turn, Sprightly Vonwacq’s speed boost is no longer in effect, so you need to speed tune the main damage dealer’s speed so they can act after Tingyun when she recharges Benediction again, this need some trial and errors, but it can be done!

Tips and Tricks: Some characters benefit from high speed, while some don’t, the best example would be Seele, she needs to aim for at least 128 speed (without other damage boosters and basic attack speed boost) to activate the damage bonus from her signature LC, In The Night ; Clara wants to have a lower speed in comparison because she wants the enemy to have more turns to activate counter more frequently.

Some character are weirder, they want speed, but they don’t want the team to be too fast, for example, Bailu benefits from higher speed as she can accumulate more energy for her Ultimate as well as healing more often, however, Invigoration lasts for 2 turns, which means if the team is too fast, invigoration may be wasted or underperforms, another case is Tingyun, same with her, she wants to recharge more energy, but regulating her Benediction may prove to be a challenge if the damage dealer outspeeds her or is being outsped over time, she might waste 1 turn of Benediction, which may stress the SP bar.

Extra Note: Look up the game’s speed value for enemy characters, especially bosses, it’ll help a lot when you enter the Forgotten Hall as well as Memory of Chaos (aim for at least 120 speed per character, the faster the better in most cases).

Light cones and Eidolons (most players have a higher chance to have more Eidolons on 4 star characters compared to a 5 star) can help with the game strategy as well (Like the example of Yanqing and Gepard mentioned earlier).

If you have analysed everything above clearly it should be easier to build a team, considering their pros and cons, and above all, always remember that team synergy is the ‘essential aspect’ of the game strategy. Thank you for reading!

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