Honkai: Star Rail – Echoes of the Coffin / Light Cone Guide (Version 1.1)

Luocha’s signature five-star light cone, “Echoes of the Coffin,” is now available for the second phase of the Brilliant Fixation Light Cone Warp that will last until July 18, 2023. Here is the description of this light cone and which characters you should equip this light cone with.


  • Under the watch of the white irises, he knocks on the coffin.
  • “Sometimes I feel I underestimated you by proposing this deal.”
  • He receives no response other than a thorny branch piercing through his palm.
  • Yet he smiles, and tightly grasps the thorn.
  • “Indeed. This is how it is. We wanted to use each other, and both ended up underestimating the other.”

Light Cone Details

The Echoes of the Coffin is an Abundance five-star light cone that increases the wearer’s ATK. If the wearer attacks, each different enemy target regenerates 3 energy for themselves, and each attack can regenerate energy up to three times in this manner. All their allies gain 12 SPD for one turn if the wearer uses their Ultimate.

As of this writing, there are three Abundance characters, all of whom can use this light cone.

For Luocha, this is by far his greatest light cone. His kit matches all of the buffs that the light cone mentioned. He also benefits from the attack buff since his healing capabilities scale on his ATK. With a high base attack, you can use this light cone for him.

You can see the guide for Luocha here.

For Bailu, this can be a great light cone to generate energy. Although keep in mind that this is just a five-star alternative until you have her five-star and four-star signature weapon or if you have S5 four-star Abundance Path Light Cone available in your inventory.

For Natasha, the ATK increase can be useful since you will mostly use your Basic ATK to deal DMG against characters with Physical Weakness. Other five-star and four-star options can be useful for Natasha, so I suggest that you get them and use this light cone as an alternative for her.

You can see the guide for Natasha here.

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